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2020 GSA Fleet Vehicles Europe

District Of Columbia, United States
Government : Federal
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12. AMENDMENT 002 - To amend the following:

1) Provide questions and answers as submitted in response to the RFP; AND
2) Extend the due date for AutoBid FROM: 3:00pm Eastern on November 06, 2019, TO: 3:00pm Eastern November 12, 2019; AND
3) Extend the due date for Proposals FROM: 12:00pm Eastern on November 07, 2019, TO: 12:00pm Eastern November 13, 2019; AND
4) Revise Section A.1 and F.1 of the solicitation; AND
5) Provide revised Attachment A - Proposal Checklist - reflecting the new closing date for AutoBid; AND
6) Provide revised Attachment B - SF1449 - reflecting the new due date for proposals.

Michael Davidson, Contract Specialist, Phone (703) 603-8338, Email - Gregory L. Benedict, Contract Specialist, Phone (202) 357-9654, Email

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