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3-D Scanner - CIDC

New Jersey, United States
Government : Military
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**This is for Market Research Purposes only**

Headquarters of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division's (USACID) mission is to investigate all felony crimes related to, or of interest to, the US Army. As the primary investigation organization within the U.S, their mission is focused on the following: serious crime, sensitive and/or serious investigations, collection, analysis and dissemination of criminal intelligence, protective service operations, forensic laboratory support, maintenance of Army criminal records and logistics security. The USACID investigations take place both on and off military installations, and range in scale from solo investigations to large scale events in cooperation with the Local, State, and other Federal agencies when appropriate. CID employs highly trained Special Agents and other support personnel, operates a certified forensic laboratory, and provides protective services, polygraph services, computer crimes specialists, and intelligence analysts.

This requirement is for the procurement of a single DOT 3D 301XRTK scanner standard package with a field survey package, office accessories package, and vehicle accessories package. Currently there are a variety of 3D scanners on the market that are capable of providing 3D scans of indoor and outdoor crime/death scene.

**If interested, please submit capability statements to Din Boljevic at no later than 01:00 PM ET on Thursday, 29 August 2019.

Medin Boljevic, Contract Specialist, Phone 6095623604, Email

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