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Maryland, United States
Government : Federal
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The National and Space ************** (NASA) Human Exploration and ********** Mission (HEOMD) anticipates making launch for a limited number of ******** available to a variety of U.S. CubeSat ***************** The CubeSat Launch (CSLI) will provide or facilitate flight as ********* payloads on launches, as well as deployments from the International Space Station, currently planned for 2020-2023.  CSLI is facilitating a limited number of for payloads on the Space Launch System (SLS) Artemis 2 mission targeted to launch in 2022.

More information about the CubeSat Launch , including previously selected Respondents, is available at: ----.

A CubeSat is a type of space research nanosatellite.  The base CubeSat dimension is 10x10x11 centimeters (one "Cube" or "1U"). ******** supported ...

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