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Archeological study - Runnels and Taylor Counties TX

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Texas, United States

The proposed Ballinger water line improvements will consists of an 16-inch PVC water line from the existing pump station (where connection will be made to the City of Abilene's raw water line) to the City of Ballinger water treatment plant. This line will run through private property from the pump station to FM 382 thence to various county roads to the city limits of Ballinger where it will follow city streets across town to the treatment plant. The rural portion of the route will be approximately 12.8 miles with additionally an approximately 1.2 miles in Ballinger city street rights of way. Also a 10 million gallon earthen reservoir is proposed for storage at the Ballinger WTP.

The proposed Abilene water line will consist of a 30" or 36" water line ( a primary route that avoids residential areas and two alternatives are being considered, from 11.5 to 13 miles) from the Grimes WTP to the Hargesheimer WTP plus a pump station at or near the Grimes WTP and one at the Hargesheimer WTP.

The two new pipelines will connect to an existing pipeline that requires no additional work.

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