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Bldg. 800 Asbestos Abatement

Alaska, United States
Government : Military
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Remove approximately 2300 LF of asbestos containing pipe Insulation in the South Bay (Navy section) of Bldg. 800, Abatement area Including sprinkler room that is accessed by an external door. Pipe Insulation is various sizes. Some demo will be required to remove asbestos TSI located behind wooden walls,or any other spaces where asbestos TSI is located. Repair or replace any material demoed during asbestos abatement. All pipes after abatement will be inspected by a CE representative before new pipe Insulation is installed. Re-insulate all pipes where insulation was removed by abatement in South Bay (Navy section) of Bldg. 800.

Pricing information and a short narrative explaining how contractor intends on meeting the objectives of the PWS should be submitted to Robert Briggs and TSgt Shorkey by digital means NLT 1200 Alaskan Time, noon, on 30 August 2019 to be eligible for consideration.

Contractors should insert unit price and total amount for CLIN 0001 on page 2 of this solicitation and provide a short narrative with their proposed solution to meeting the PWS objectives. Award will be made to the responsible contractor with the lowest priced quote that is determined to be technically acceptable IAW the PWS. Technical and price factors are of equal importance.

Upon completion of the final cleaning, the Contractor and the Government appointed official, shall conduct a final visual inspection of the cleaned work area in accordance with American Society For Testing And Materials E 1368 and document the results.

Site Visit will be conducted on Thursday 22 August at 0900 at Bldg. 800. Please respond NLT 21 August at Noon on who is attending the site visit and their contact information

Base access, if contractor does not have base access then they will need to get ahold of Robert Briggs and or TSgt Shorkey no later then two days before site visit.
Point of Contact will be Robert Briggs, email address 907-552-5722 and TSgt Shorkey, Christina E., email address, 907-552-3073

Robert W. Briggs, Contract Specialist, Phone 9075525722, Email - Christina Elizabeth Shorkey, Contract Officer, Phone 907-552-3073, Email

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