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Buffalo Bayou Emergency Spillway Repair, Houston, Texas, Harris County, Texas

Texas, United States
Government : Military
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Pre-Solicitation Notice:

The U.S. Army Corps of ********** Galveston ******** Office a contract for Buffalo Bayou ******** Repair, Houston, Texas, Harris County, Texas

Project ************ The project shall include sealing and joints and cracks in the roller compacted ********, constructing piers, filling voids, and replacing damaged lining. The Contractor will be required to clean the joints and cracks one up to one inch wide, and seal them with silicone sealant. Joints wider than 1 inch shall be grouted. piers will be used to stabilize the pavement on the upstream side of Barker Dam North and Addicks Dam North ********s. Reinforced will be constructed to replace damaged lining location.

Stabilize the upstream side slope lining with the piers before sealing or grouting the longitudinal cracks and joints at Barker Dam North ********. The project will contain options which the Government may exercise at the time of award.

The ********s consist of earthen embankments capped with 8 inch thick roller compacted on the downstream slope, the crown, and partially on the upstream slope. This has no reinforcement, control joints or expansion joints. In the pas...

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