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CA FLAP CR 109(1), Sir Francis Drake Blvd. and Point Reyes Roads

Colorado, United States
Government : Federal
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CA FLAP CR109(1) & FTNP PORE 10(4), 200(1), & 201(1) Sir Francis Drake Boulevard & Limantour, Lighthouse, and Chimney Rock Roads & Pavement Preservation


This project will consist of roadway resurfacing, restoration, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of approximately 12.9 miles of roadway and pavement preservation of approximately 20.9 miles of roadway within Point Reyes National Seashore (PRNS) in Marin County, California. Rehabilitation and reconstruction is included on 12.0 miles of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard (SFDB) from Pierce Point Road to Chimney Rock/Lighthouse Roads (including bridge construction at Schooner Creek), and on 0.9 miles of Chimney Rock Road. Pavement preservation is included on 7.5 miles of Limantour Road, 1.5 mile of Lighthouse Road and 11.9 miles of various roadways and parking areas within PRNS. Also included is construction of a 2-acre wetland restoration site at the existing Drakes Beach parking lot.   The anticipated advertisement date for the project is November 2019 and the anticipated completion date is October 2021.

Principle work items include 45,000 tons of superpave hot asphalt concrete pavement, 40,000 cubic yards of roadway excavation and embankment, 13,000 cubic yards of subexcavation, 25,000 tons of roadway aggregate, 145,000 square yards of pulverizing, 260,000 square yards of asphalt surface treatment (chipseal), and 30,000 square yards of micro-surfacing. Additional work includes replacement of the two existing 84-inch culverts at the Schooner Creek crossing of SFDB with a 56-foot-long prestressed concrete voided slab bridge including 80 cubic yards of structural concrete and 350 linear feet of 30-inch drilled shafts. Additional drainage improvements including culvert cleaning, lining and replacement, reconstruction and rehabilitation of multiple parking areas, 20,000 linear feet of asphalt curb, 5,000 square yards of asphalt paved ditch, and 4,500 linear feet of concrete curb and gutter. All of the work is occurring in cultural and natural resource sensitive areas. Great attention to detail will be required in achieving customer satisfaction in areas of road construction, traffic control and timely completion of work.

The estimated price is over $30,000,000.

This will be solicited as a full and open competition.

Ryan Phillips, Email

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