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Pennsylvania, United States
Government : Military
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This notice serves as a combined pre-solicitation synopsis and solicitation for the repair of 3 ea, NIIN 1660011044400, P/N 927575-1-3, NOM: CONTROL UNIT, for Foreign Military Sales bTAIWAN. The repair of this item is sole source to HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL, Cage 70210. Honeywell is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) the repair data for these requirements and is the only known source to possess full repair capability. Complete data, drawings and the rights to the same are not available from the Government. Even though these items are sole source to Honeywell, all responsible sources may submit a capability statement, proposal or quotation, which shall be considered by the agency.
For any questions concerning this notice, contact the PCO, Jena Visconto at 215-697-2910.

The Government intends to solicit and negotiate with the prime contractor under the authority of FAR 6.302-1. A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed contract based upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of these items maintain design control and repair knowledge or technical data that is essential to maintaining the quality of the part. The spare repairable assemblies to be repaired and/or modified under this agreement are set forth by manufacturers part number and constitute Government Property as defined in FAR clause 52.245-1 Government Property or 52.245-1 Alternate I, as applicable.
This listing of items is attached to this notice.

All responsible sources may identify their interest and capability to respond to the requirement or submit proposals, quotations or capability statements.
Eligible contractors shall provide a submission to that includes:
1) Company Name and Cage Code
2) Part Number/NIIN eligible to repair
3) Is your company the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?
4) Is your company capable of repairing the P/N in #2 but your company is not the OEM?
a) Explain how your company has the technical capacity to perform the necessary repairs.
5) Is your company a Small Business? If so, what type of Small Business?
6) Company POC

An alternate source must qualify in accordance with the design control activitybs procedures, as approved by the cognizant Government engineering activity.
The subject items require Government source approval prior to contract award.
Only the source previously approved by the Government for repair of these items will be solicited.
The time required for approval of a new source is normally such that an award cannot be delayed pending approval of a new source. If you are not an approved source you must submit, together with your proposal, the information detailed in the NAVSUP WSS Source Approval Information Brochure for Repair. This brochure identifies technical data required to be submitted based on your companybs experience in repair of the same or similar items. This brochure can be obtained by calling the NAVSUP WSS PCO or at:

If your request for source approval is currently being evaluated at NAVSUP WSS, submit with your offer a copy of the cover letter that forwarded your request for source approval.
Offers received which fail to provide all data required by the Source Approval Brochure or document previous submission of all data required by the Source Approval Brochure will not be considered for award under this solicitation.
Please note, if evaluation of a source approval request submitted hereunder cannot be processed in time and/or approval requirements preclude the ability to obtain subject items in time to meet Government requirements, award of the subject requirement may continue based on Fleet support needs.

This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals. All proposals received within 45 days after date of publication of this synopsis will be considered by the Government.

Questions or comments regarding this notice may be addressed to Jena Visconto either by e-mail at or by phone (215) 697-2910.

JENA VISCONTO 2156972910

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