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CVN Non-Radiological Large Section Recycle

Washington, United States
Government : Military
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No inquiries were received to date. The Government would like to update with this information and the Industry presentation and attendees list is now attached.

We have recommended the size of pieces we could generate as:
Max weight:  250,000 Lbs.
Max length:  65 feet
Max Width:  25 feet
Max Height:  20 feet

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF) is hereby issuing a Request for Information (RFI) from all potential sources who may be interested in taking large non- radiologically controlled sections of recyclable material from the defueled, inactivated USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) to dismantle and process for final disposition starting in FY 2019.  These sections of the ship are separate and distinct from the subject of the RFI issued May 21, 2014, Solicitation Number: N00024-14-R-4212.  This current RFI pertains to large sections which will be removed from the portion of the USS ENTERPRISE received by PSNS & IMF in Bremerton, Washington.

 The removed sections of the ship may have piping, vent, electrical, mechanical systems, and components with all associated hazardous material still attached.  Processing by the respondent will consist of demilitarization, recycling, and selling of salvaged equipment.  These actions will result in the generation of and need to dispose of hazardous wastes.  Processing of hazardous waste would require identification, control, and disposal of regulated polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), asbestos, and other hazardous materials typical of those used in Navy ship construction in the 1960s per all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.  Materials in the USS ENTERPRISE sections are expected to be similar to materials in the ex-FORRESTAL (CV 59) currently being recycled.  The USS ENTERPRISE sections will have any previously used nuclear systems removed or remediated so that no further controls for radioactivity are required.  All work must be performed within the United States of America. 

 The proposed plan should involve barge(s) to transport the large pieces from PSNS & IMF to the contractor facilities for recycling.  Barges are to be provided by the respondent, with at least one required to be on site at all times available for loading during the notional period of 2019 to 2025.   Approximately 50,000 LTs of material are being evaluated for off-site recycling. The transport of material on barges from PSNS & IMF will be the responsibility of the respondent and must meet all local, state, and federal regulatory requirements.

 This RFI in no way binds the Government to offer contracts to responding companies.  The information provided will assist PSNS & IMF in developing and further defining future recycle strategies.

Defense and commercial contractors, including small businesses, veteran-owned businesses, service-disabled veteran-owned businesses, HUBZone small businesses, and woman-owned small businesses are encouraged to participate.  However, offerors to any subsequent Request for Proposal (RFP) related to this RFI must be able to demonstrate that they can provide equipment and workforce capable of performing this work. 

Responses to this RFI should describe the approach to large section recycling. Include supporting material that allows for an effective understanding of competence, experience, and overall capabilities to respond to PSNS & IMF requirements which may arise in the future. (limit to 10 pages)

The following information is requested, and respondents should endeavor to provide as much of the following as possible:

1.      Ability to receive and process sections with paint that contains PCBs and/or lead, fixed and friable asbestos, liquid PCBs in electrical components, etc.  Include how and where these sections would be dismantled, remediated and recycled.

2.      Some sections will need demilitarization prior to recycling.  This would require a facility clearance and a workforce with confidential naval security clearances.   Please identify how the proposed facility and work force would meet these needs.

3.      Include the maximum size and weight of sections that the proposed recycling facilities could accept.  PSNS & IMF is currently researching the ability to upgrade its crane capacity to 250,000 lbs. (112 LTs) or larger at the expected barge loading location. 

4.      Identify the processing rate capability of your facility for processing the material as described.

5.      PSNS & IMF requires a barge to be on site and available to load at all times.  Provide a barge strategy to include quantities, capacities and movement.

6.      Identify additional capabilities your facility could provide PSNS & IMF to assist in the dismantlement process.

PSNS & IMF requests responses by 2:00 pm (PDT), on 12 September 2014. Submissions will be accepted after this date; however, feedback may not be as timely or contribute to the shipyards strategic planning. 

Industry Day:
The Large Section Recycle Industry Day is scheduled for 02 October 2014, 09:00am-11:00am.
Location for the presentation: Building 844 (808 Burwell, Bremerton, Washington, 98314). 
Include in your response your intention to attend and number of attendees per organization.

Information should be e-mailed to both Nicole Napier-Kurdelski ( or Russell Waterman ( with the subject line:  "CVN Non-Radiological Large Section Recycle".  Information provided shall be treated as Business Sensitive and will not be shared outside of Government activities and agencies and its program management support contractors without the permission of the provider. 

 All information shall be provided free of charge to the Government.  PSNS & IMF may request further information regarding the capabilities of respondents to meet the requirements and may request a presentation and/or a site visit as deemed necessary.

Nicole Napier-Kurdelski, Contracting Officer, Phone 3604764470, Email - Russell Waterman, PEPM, Phone 360-476-2175 , Email

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