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Chainsaw Training Course

Government : Federal
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SOURCES SOUGHT-Chainsaw Training/Instruction/Safety

Organization: U.S. Department of Energy
Western Area Power Administration Sierra Nevada Region
114 Parkshore Drive
Folsom, CA  95630

Location TBD

Work Period:

Classroom training
                       Date (to be coordinated post-award)
                        2 Days 0800 – 1700 (8 hour) at Trainer’s facility 

                        Field training
                        Date (to be coordinated post-award)
                        2 Days 0800 – 1700 (8 hour) at Trainer’s facility
                        0.5 Day 0800 – 1200 (4 hour) at Trainer’s facility

To design, develop and deliver a chainsaw course that includes in-class (classroom) and field training. The training course is intended for anyone that is handling a chain saw. Suggested topics include but not limited to:

Classroom Training:
• Chainsaw safety
• Chainsaw maintenance
• Chainsaw trouble-shooting

Field Training:
• Decision making
• Safety practices
• Attitude
• Situational awareness
• Personal physical condition
• Environmental considerations
• Job analysis
• Ascertain complexity of assignment as it pertains to your abilities
• Steps to falling the tree (cuts, tools, warnings, escape route)
• Stump analysis
• Bucking (examine immediate area for safety concerns)
• Limbing and clean-up if required

The vendor shall be an authorized chainsaw trainer. 

The objective of the training shall be for the participants to safely operate the chainsaw upon the completion of the program. 

The training may consist of classroom and field training.  The classroom training may consist of lecture, video, and classroom exercises. The classroom training shall focus on the skills and safety as well as saw maintenance and repair. Classroom training, participants shall broaden their knowledge and skill base.  

The field training shall be a hands-on engaging training session with the instructors demonstrating safe cutting practices and reviewing the safety rules, hazards, and exit routes.  The participants shall be instructed on how to prevent accidents and tragedies through proper attitude, training, and having proper equipment on hand. Prior to completion of the class the participants shall demonstrate the safe operation chainsaw and their cutting skills. 

Salient Characteristics:
Vendor must provide a location for the field training with ample trees for cutting that is near our general geographic area.

Richard Wormer, Contract Specialist, Phone 9163534051, Email

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