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Consolidate Diagnostic Cancer Center (VA-19-00063443)

New York, United States
Government : Federal
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The Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking a qualified Architect-Engineering (AE) firm to provide Schematics, Design Development, Construction Documents, Technical Specifications, Construction Period Services, Site Visits, Cost Estimates, As-Built Documentation, and all other related information for Project 561-18-155 Consolidate Diagnostic Cancer Center at the VA NJ Health Care System, 385 Tremont Ave, East Orange, NJ, 07018.

This requirement is being procured in accordance with the Brooks Act as implemented in FAR Subpart 36.6. Applicable NAICS code is 541310 and small business size standard of $7.5 Million. Magnitude of Construction is between $2,000,000 and $5,000,000. This is a 100% Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set Aside. The anticipated award date of the proposed A-E Contract is on or before December 30, 2019. Potential contractors must be registered in SAM ( and visible/certified in Vet Biz ( at time of submission of their qualifications in order to be considered for an award. As a prospective offeror or bidder for this Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) set aside, you are verifying your company meets the status requirements of a VOSB concern as established by 38 CFR Part 74. NOTE - Offerors are referred to 48 CFR 852.219-11(d)(1): It will not pay more than 50% of the amount paid by the government to it to firms that are not VIP-listed VOSBs. . In order to assure compliance with this clause, all firms submitting a SF 330 for this Sources Sought Notice are required to indicate what percentage of the cost of contract performance will be expended by the concerns employees and in which discipline(s) and percentage of cost of contract performance to be expended (and in what disciplines) by any other subcontracted or otherwise used small or large business entity(s). Any subcontracted or otherwise business entity(s) used must be identified by name, office location and size/type of business (i.e. SDVOSB, VOSB, 8(a), large, etc).


1. Contract Title.
Furnish professional A/E services to provide survey, evaluation and design to consolidate cancer diagnostic and treatment in one clinic at the VA NJ Health Care System, East Orange, NJ.

2. Background.
Project will expand the existing Radiation Oncology clinic and create Diagnostic Center on A-Level. A Diagnostic Center will provide veterans with patient centered, convenient and comprehensive cancer care in one location.
The current layout does not fit current design standards which recommend medical oncology and radiation oncology be located near one another and no more than one floor apart. Physical separation of services creates spatial and temporal barriers between physicians to communicate optimally, impeding coordination of care and sometimes resulting in delays of service for patients who need timely intervention.
Newly created space should optimize clinical service delivery, patient and family-caregiver privacy, collaboration between and among clinicians, educators and researchers, and efficiency of infrastructure at VA New Jersey Health Care System East Orange Campus, A-Level, Building # 1 Main Hospital.

3. Scope.
This expansion project entails both remodeling and reconfiguring of existing available space at D-wing partially occupied by Radiation-Oncology, section across the pharmacy and additional locations among the center area of hospitals main A-Level. See attachment 1 for a sketch of the proposed areas.
The A/E shall perform a complete survey to the existing conditions and provide recommendation list with phasing and functionality to the VA for selection; upon approval the A/E will develop and prepare the construction document package.

4. Specific Tasks.
A. The A/E contract shall be for complete construction package including initial Survey/Study, preliminary drawings, contract drawings, contract specifications, and a detailed cost estimate to an approximate area of 10,000 to 12,000SF at the main Hospital building, East Orange, NJ.

B. A/E will review needs of multiple stakeholders and provide recommendations. Layout of the space should maximize staffing efficiencies and functionality. In addition, project shall be phased to provide the least impact to the Medical Center.

C. The A/E shall provide competent design and construction period services utilizing those adequately knowledgeable of the various subordinate design disciplines including, but not limited to the engineering of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and special systems as required by the project.

D. The A/E shall design all necessary construction and renovation as intended which will be compliant with applicable current codes and criteria referenced in VA CFM Technical Information Library website:
E. The A/E will provide the Chief of Facility Management Service, complete specifications and working drawings as further described in the contract. In each drawing system International Metric units shall only be used for markings, measurements, and dimensions. All contract drawings shall be prepared on CD/ Auto-Cad Release 2018 and delivered to the VA Medical Center, East Orange, New Jersey.

F. The A/E will develop and prepare the construction document package with bid alternatives that can be readily identified and listed in the procurement documents.

G. The A/E shall provide construction period services to include change order estimates and negotiation services if required, and post-construction services.

H. The A/E shall provide a PIH/CIH consultant for review of the VA Medical Center asbestos inspection report. The PIH/CIH consultant shall coordinate with A/E to ensure that fully coordinated drawings are provided for all asbestos abatement and related restoration work.

I. The A/E will make site visits as required to determine existing as-built conditions affecting this project. Note: Information including drawings and other documentation provided to the A/E is used as reference only. A/E shall field verify every aspect that relates to the project.

5. Performance Monitoring (if applicable).
The designated COR will monitor the contract performance and make sure the A/E adheres to VA standards and designated project milestones as well as provide all necessary support required to complete the subject design.

6. Security Requirements.
The contractor employees shall not have access to VA sensitive or computer information and will not require routine access to VA Facilities. The contractor employees shall require intermittent access only and will be escorted by VA employees while at VA Facilities. No background investigation is required.

7. Government-Furnished Equipment (GFE)/Government-Furnished Information (GFI).

8. Other Pertinent Information or Special Considerations.
a. Identification of Possible Follow-on Work.
Not Used
b. Identification of Potential Conflicts of Interest (COI).
Not Used
c. Inspection and Acceptance Criteria.
The COTR is responsible for certifying that the work done under the contract is performed to time and standard. The COTR is also responsible to assure the inspection and acceptance of products provided incidental to services.

9. Risk Control
Contractor shall take all measures for safety & infection control and provide all material necessary for protecting existing equipment and property in affected areas of construction against dust and debris, so that equipment and affected areas to be used in the Medical Centers operations will not be hindered.
Contractor shall permit access to Department of Veterans Affairs personnel and patients through other construction areas which serve as routes of access to such affected areas and equipment. Coordinate alteration work in areas occupied by Department of Veterans Affairs so that Medical Center operations will continue during the construction period.

10. Place of Performance.

VA NJ Health Care System, 385 Tremont Ave, East Orange, NJ, 07018.

Minimize interference of construction activities with flow of Medical Center traffic, keep roads, walks and entrances to grounds, to parking and to occupied areas of buildings clear of construction materials, debris and standing construction equipment and vehicles.

11. Period of Performance.
Contractor to start immediately after receiving the NTP, estimate completion time is 270 calendar days.

The Department of Veterans Affairs shall evaluate each potential contractor in terms of the following:

Selection Criteria
Professional qualifications and disciplines of staff proposed for the satisfactory performance of required services.
Examples of specialized experience and technical competence in various disciplines required for specific project.
Capacity to Accomplish the work in the required time
Past experience and performance on government contracts.
Proximity of firm or working office providing professional services to the facility.
Reputation and standing of the firm and its principal officials with respect to professional performance, General Management, and cooperativeness.
Record of significant claims against the firm because of improper or incomplete architectural and engineering services.
Specific Experience and Qualifications of personnel proposed assignment to the project and their record of working together as a team.

The selection criteria descriptions are provided below.

Provide brief resumes of proposed team members who will specifically serve as the Project Managers and Designers of Record. The Designers of Record shall perform and direct the design within their respective discipline and shall sign and seal the drawings. All Designers of Record must be professionally registered in their discipline. Each resume shall include a minimum of two (2) specific completed projects that best illustrate the individual team members experience relevant to this contract scope;

Specialized experience and technical competence required for this specific project, including, where appropriate, experience in energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and the use of recovered materials.

This factor evaluates the ability of the firm, given their current projected workload and the availability of their key personnel, to accomplish the possible myriad of design projects in the required time.

The general workload and staffing capacity of the design office will be evaluated.
List current projects with a design fee of greater than $20,000 being designed in the firms office.
Indicate the firms present workload and the availability
of the project team (including sub-consultants) for the specified contract performance period;
Describe experience in successfully delivering projects per
performance schedule, providing timely construction support, and successfully completing multiple projects with similar delivery dates

PAST PERFORMANCE: VISN2 will evaluate past performance on recent and relevant contracts with government agencies (emphasis on VA work) and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work, compliance with performance schedules and a record of significant claims against the firm due to improper or incomplete engineering services (references required).
Recent is defined as performance occurring within 5 years of the date of this Sources Sought, except that ongoing projects must have begun no less than one (1) year prior to the issuance of this Sources Sought.
Relevancy is defined as performance of work on projects that are similar in scope to the types of projects anticipated under the resultant contracts.
Respondents with no previous past performance shall state this when addressing the selection criteria. Where there is no record of past performance, the proposal will be evaluated neither favorably nor unfavorably. Superior performance ratings on relevant projects may be considered more favorably in the evaluation.
Submission Requirements:
Submit a minimal of three (3) evaluations from Contractor Performance Assessment Report System (CPARS). They shall be submitted with the completed SF330 package.

The A/E Firm proximity to the VA East Orange Campus, 385 Tremont Ave, East Orange, NJ, 07018.
This distance is determined according to
This factor evaluates the distance the AE firm's design office or offices lies from the location of work. Please provide the address (es) and distance of your closest office to the address listed below.

(6) Reputation and standing of the firm and its principal officials with respect to professional performance, general management, and cooperativeness.

(7) Record of significant claims against the firm because of improper or incomplete architectural and engineering services.

(8) Specific experience and qualifications of personnel proposed for assignment to the project and their record of working together as a team.


VA NOTICE OF TOTAL VETERAN-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE (DEC 2009) (a) Definition. For the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veteran-owned small business concern (1) Means a small business concern (i) Not less than 51 percent of which is owned by one or more veterans or, in the case of any publicly owned business, not less than 51 percent of the stock of which is owned by one or more veterans; (ii) The management and daily business operations of which are controlled by one or more veterans; (iii) The business meets Federal small business size standards for the applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code identified in the solicitation document; and (iv) The business has been verified for ownership and control and is so listed in the Vendor Information Pages database, ( (2) Veteran is defined in 38 U.S.C. 101(2). (b) General. (1) Offers are solicited only from veteran-owned small business concerns. All service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses are also determined to be veteran owned small businesses if they meet the criteria identified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section. Offers received from concerns that are not veteran-owned small business concerns shall not be considered. (2) Any award resulting from this solicitation shall be made to a veteran-owned small business concern. (c) Agreement. A veteran-owned small business concern agrees that in the performance of the contract, in the case of a contract for (1) Services (except construction), at least 50 percent of the cost of personnel for contract performance will be spent for employees of the concern or employees of other eligible veteran-owned small business concerns; (2) Supplies (other than acquisition from a non-manufacturer of the supplies), at least 50 percent of the cost of manufacturing, excluding the cost of materials, will be performed by the concern or other eligible veteran-owned small business concerns; (3) General construction, at least 15 percent of the cost of the contract performance incurred for personnel will be spent on the concern s employees or the employees of other eligible veteran-owned small business concerns; or (4) Construction by special trade contractors, at least 25 percent of the cost of the contract performance incurred for personnel will be spent on the concern s employees or the employees of other eligible veteran-owned small business concerns. (d) A joint venture may be considered a veteran-owned small business concern if: (1) At least one member of the joint venture is a veteran-owned small business concern, and makes the following representations: That it is a veteran-owned small business concern, and that it is a small business concern under the NAICS code assigned to the procurement; (2) Each other concern is small under the size standard corresponding to the NAICS code assigned to the procurement; (3) The joint venture meets the requirements of paragraph 7 of the explanation of Affiliates in 19.101 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation; and (4) The joint venture meets the requirements of 13 CFR 125.15(b), except that the principal company may be a veteran-owned small business concern or a service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern. (e) Any veteran-owned small business concern (non-manufacturer) must meet the requirements in 19.102(f) of the Federal Acquisition Regulation to receive a benefit under this program.

Qualified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business firms are required to submit two (2) Compact Disc (CD) which contains digital copies of the SF 330. (which can be downloaded from ). All packages including Past Performance (CPARS) evaluations shall be submitted no later than 4PM 09/05/2019.

All submittals must be sent to the attention of:
Phillip Kang
Room 9B-67
James J. Peters Medical Center
130 W Kingsbridge Road
Bronx, New York 10468

The submission must include an insert detailing the following information:
1. Dun & Bradstreet Number;
2. Tax ID Number;
3. The e-mail address and phone number of the Primary Point of Contact and;
4. A copy of the firms CVE verification

The Contracting Officer is not responsible for not receiving submissions due to the offeror misaddressing the package or illegibility of the information. NOTE: Any request for assistance with submission or other procedural matters shall be submitted via email only to telephone inquiries will not be honored.


Phillip Kang

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