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Construction of Concrete Obstacle Course for 71 SFS Military Working Dog

Oklahoma, United States
Government : Military
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The work covered under this Statement of Work shall consist of furnishing all material, labor, and equipment in performing all operations necessary to install eight (8) concrete obstacles in the existing training area. The contractor will build forms and pour concrete pad as necessary to set the following (8) obstacles. All surfaces of the obstacles that the dogs traverse will be covered with a non-skid material. A brushed/broomed surface where the dogs traverse will suffice as a substitute for the non-skid material. 

The footing and pad is described with each individual obstacle listed below.  Item 3 is listed as three (3) separate obstacles. The concrete should be rated 3500 psi with fiber.  The concrete should be vibrated in.

 One concrete tunnel 4' x 12' x 32". With a concrete footing, that is 1' wide and 1'6" deep with an 8" pad for it to sit on.  The tunnel insert should be made with concrete drainage pipe (24" C3TNG) or equivalent.  See photo titled tunnel

 One stair obstacle that is 24'x3'7"x 8': with a footing, that is 1' wide and 1'4" deep. It will sit on a pad that is 8" thick.  See photos titled current stairs and current stairs 2

 Three (3) concrete hurdles, two hurdles being 4'x30"x30", and one hurdle being 4'x18"x18". They will sit on a concrete pad that has a footing 1' wide and 1'4" deep. The pad is 4" thick. The inner portion of the hurdle should be made of a composite material consisting of 2- 2" x 4" affixed to the concrete, and 2" x 6" composite boards equaling the height of the hurdle.  See photo titled Hurdle.

 One concrete window that is 7'6"x6'x8'. Window will set on a pad with a footing that is 1' wide and 1'4" deep, and the pad will be 8" thick. The upper and lower cross pieces should be made of a composite material.  The lower cross pieces should be adjustable and contain enough pieces to reach 36" in height. See photo titled window

 One A-Frame that is 4' x 11' x 6': A-frame will set on pad with a footing that is 1' wide and 1'4" deep-pad will be 6" thick. The steps on the A Frame should be made of composite material, 1" x 2" x  4' and evenly spaced on the upward, and downward sides and securely affixed to the A Frame. See photo title A Frame.

 One dog walk 20'x1'x2'2"; dog walk will set on a concrete footing and pad that is 3'x20'x1'4" deep.  The dog walk should have 1" x 2" x 2'2" slats made of composite material, affixed on each end of the obstacle to allow the dog to climb the obstacle.  See photo titled Dog Walk.

The existing obstacles in the MWD Training Area will be removed by base personnel prior to installation of the new obstacles.

Carmella Holtz, Buyer, Phone 5802137583, Fax 5802136047, Email

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