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F108 Fuel Gear Motor Remanufacture

Oklahoma, United States
Government : Military
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This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice and attached documents. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a written separate solicitation will not be issued. The pricing sheet matrix (bid sheet), which can be found attachment to this document, shall be populate, and a copy returned along with the contractor's proposal. (See Attachment A.)

This solicitation document, incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC)2005-101 and FAC 2005-101continued, Effective 26 Oct 2018.

1. The Purchase Request number is FD2030-18-00011

2. The solicitation number is for FA8122-19-R-9249.

3. The solicitation is a request for proposal (RFP).

4. Proposals will be received by this issuing office until 3:00 PM Central Standard Time on 15 Nov 2019.

5. Anticipated award date is TBD 2020.

6. The proposed contract is anticipated to be a SOLE SOURCE AWARD, in accordance with (IAW) FAR 6.302-1(a)(2) - Only One Responsible Source, for an Indefinite Delivery- Requirements type supply contract of commercial items.

7. This is a Remanufacture, commercial supply requirement.

8. One current qualified contractor is known, Eaton Industrial Corporation (CAGE: 59875)

9. Award will be made only if the offeror meets the qualification requirements at the time of award IAW FAR clause 52.209-1 and 6.302-5(b)(5). As stated in para 6. above, the Contract award is anticipated to be a sole-source award to the qualified contractor, Eaton Industrial Corporation (CAGE: 59875.) Award will not be delayed to allow another offeror completion of qualification requirements/process. However, interested entities may identify their interest and capability to respond to the requirement or submit their proposal awaiting approval of their source approval request (SAR) package.

10. This solicitation document incorporates provisions and clauses that are in effect in the Federal Acquisition Regulations and supplements on the date the solicitation is issued.

11. The North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS) is 336412.

12. AMC: R3/D.


14. Technical Engineering Data Package for this RFP is not available. Any additional sources would have to be approved through the OEM, Eaton Industrial Corporation.

15. The United States Air Force through AFSC/ PZAAB located in Oklahoma City, OK, is contemplating the procurement of the Line Items cited below for a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) Requirements type remanufacturing supply contract, consisting of a 1-year basic period of performance (PoP), and four 1-year options, for a total performance time of 5-years (60 months).

16. Delivery orders will be issued against the basic "D" contract. No funds will be obligated until the issuance of a delivery order, which will establish firm quantities, and firm delivery schedules.

Schedule of Supply

*BEST ESTIMATED QUANTITIES (BEQ) FOR EA PoP ARE AS FOLLOWS FOR THE BELOW LINE ITEMS. IAW historical data from the previous contract, ALL items will be funded at the Line Item 0001-4001, (Remanufacturing CLIN) on each of the delivery orders.

Basic BEQ: 25 Ea.
Option I BEQ: 25 Ea.
Option II BEQ: 45 Ea.
Option III BEQ: 45 Ea.
Option IV BEQ: 45 Ea.
Est Total: 185 Ea

Estimated Delivery: 15 Ea. required to be delivered 30 Flow Days. Early delivery is acceptable and encouraged.
Item Unique Identification (IUID) Requirement: IAW with SOW para 1.16.

Line Item 0001-4001: Remanufacture
Input NSN's: 3010-01-141-5947PN, 3010-01-229-1008PN, 3010-01-367-2917PN
Output NSN: 3010-01-367-2917PN
Input PNs: 396800-6, 396800-7, 396800-8
Output PN: 396800-8 Noun: F108 FUEL GEAR MOTOR

Line Item 0002-4002: Accident/Mishap Investigation
Input NSN: 3010-01-141-5947PN, 3010-01-229-1008PN, 3010-01-367-2917PN
Output NSN: 3010-01-367-2917PN
Input P/N: 396800-6, 396800-7, 396800-8
Output PN: 396800-8

Line Item 0003-4003: Contract Data Requirements List (CDLR)
Estimated Delivery: 1 Lo. As required to be delivered per month or as specified in the attached Contract Data List Requirements (CDRLs) (Form 1423) and their corresponding Data Item Descriptions (DIDs); IAW SOW Para 1.11. Early delivery is acceptable. See Table of CDRLs below:


CLIN 0003 - 4003
Provide data reporting in accordance with DD Form 1423-1 [CDRLs, Contract Data Requirements List] and DD Form 1664 [DIDs, Data Item Description] for ELIN reports as detailed below (IAW SOW para 1.11): (SEE ATTACHMENT F.)

CDRL Report/Frequency/Reference
A001 Contract Depot Maintenance (CDM) Production Report/Monthly/DI-PSSS-81995 SOW 1.11
A002 Tear-Down Deficiency Report/TBN/DI-PSSS-81534A SOW 1.11
A003 Report of Shipping (Item) and Packaging Discrepancy/As Required/DI-MGMT-80503 SOW 1.11
A004 Deficiency Report (DR)/As Required or Upon Discovery/DI-PSSS-81535A T.O. 00-35D-54 SOW 1.11
A005 Removed N/A N/A
A006 Test/Inspection Report/As Required/DI-NDTI-80809B/T SOW 1.11
A007 Counterfeit Prevention Plan (CPP)/Once, NLT 90 Days after Contract Award/DI-MISC-81832 SOW 1.11
A008 Commercial Asset Visibility (CAV) Reporting/Daily/DI-MGMT-81838
SOW 1.11
A009 Government Property Inventory Report/Annually/DI-MGMT-80441C SOW 1.11

*Definite quantities to be delivered and confirmed delivery schedule will be verified upon award of each delivery order placed against the basic contract. When submitting quote, please provide pricing for each PoP, as shown on the attached Pricing Matrix.

Inspection and Acceptance: All Line Items shall be FOB Origin. See Transportation documents for further instruction (Attachment C). Inspection and Acceptance Reporting applicable will be accomplished through Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF).

Ship To Code:

CEN REC - Bldg 506 Door 22 Tinker AFB, OK 73145
United States

Mark For: Acct 09 TAC: FRS2

Packaging Requirements: Each Item shall be packed in accordance with the attached AFMC form 158 - Packaging Requirements (Attachment B).

DESCRIPTION: This requirement is for the remanufacture of the F108 Fuel Gear Motor. See especially para 1.4 - Remanufacture - in the attached Statement of Work (SOW) (Attachment E.). The remanufacturing process must be performed by a qualified source. The NSN with all part numbers are required to be tested, inspected, torn down, remanufactured to the specified level required, and returned to USAF stock in like new condition, or almost so. This contract is considered a Contractor Furnished Material (CFM) and Contractor Furnished Equipment, (CFE) contract, meaning the Contractor shall furnish all labor, parts, materials, tooling and test equipment to supply the quantity of NSNs as listed above. The only Government Furnished Property (GFP) anticipated to be supplied during this contract will be the unserviceable assets which are sent to the contractor facility for remanufacture as described above, and IAW Section II of the attached SOW. All parts and components required to accomplish the intent of the SOW, service bulletins (SB), and/or the current and coordinating component maintenance manual (CMM) shall be CFM.

CFM and all parts used for replacement shall be parts specified in CMM 75-21-30 Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC), SB's or has written approval from the AFMC AFLCMC/LPSBAB and/or AFLCMC/LPSBAA in writing through the PCO. The Contractor is responsible for the production, packaging, and delivery of the items as described above, while meeting the Government's required delivery schedule which will be specified upon the issue of each delivery order against the basic contract.

The BEQs as set forth in the above section of this RFQ, represent the estimated total annual quantity the Government expects to generate and place orders for remanufacture.

Failure of the Government to furnish such items in the amounts or quantities described in the schedule will not entitle the contractor to any equitable adjustment in price. Fuel Gear Motor parts that exceed present remanufacture and inspection limits shall be condemned at the contractor's facility and processed through Plant Clearance Automated Reutilization Screening System (PCARSS). Please see para. 1.9 of the SOW for further information.

Electronic procedures will be used for this combined synopsis/solicitation through FedBizOpps at

The FAR provisions and clauses (See Attachment D) apply to this combined synopsis/solicitation and are incorporated by reference.

The full text of any clause can be found at:

Please submit proposals no later than 14 November 2019, 3:00PM Central Standard Time to the following emails listed below:

Chris Matthews -Contracting Officer
Phone 405-734-4627
Fax 405-739-3462


Ryan McCabe - Contract Specialist
Phone: 405-739-5490
Fax 405-739-3462

List of Attachments:
A. Bidsheet
B. Packaging Requirements - Form AFMC 158 with SPI
C. Transportation Data for Solicitations - Form DD 1653
D. Provisions and Clauses
E. Statement of Work (SOW)
F. CDRLs (Form 1423) and Coordinating Data Item Descriptions (DIDs)
G. Scheduled GFP Attachment

Ryan E. McCabe, Contract Specialist, Phone 4057395490, Email - Chris L. Matthews, Contracting Officer, Phone 405-734-4627, Email

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