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Wyoming, United States
Government : Federal
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GRKO TREATMENT FOR 121 FRAMED ARTIFACTS - Amendment 4 extends the due date, posts Q&A document part 2, posts an insurance clause, and notes that the deadline for additional questions has passed. 121 historic framed artifacts will be appropriately packaged and prepared by the contractor for transport using strict adherence to museum guidelines for safe handling of artifacts. Contractor will perform appropriate conservation treatment on framing and housing components as needed such as, but not limited to: cleaning, protection from acidic components by either removal and replacement or applying a barrier, and replacement of insecure components. *This is not an art conservation project. See REVISED Statement of Work for additional details.

Please contact the contract specialist at if you'd like to request a site visit.

Please read the "Required Submissions" and "Evaluation of Quote" sections carefully prior to submitting a quote.

Lynam, Molly

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