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Hydrostatic testing and inspection of Carbon Dioxide Cylinders

Oklahoma, United States
Government : Military
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This announcement is to serve as a market research tool to determine the availability and adequacy of potential business sources prior to determine both an acquisition strategy and the availability and type of technology to issue a Request for Proposal, including the potential use of any small business set-aside programs. Whether the business is currently classified as a Small, Small Disadvantaged, 8(a) and/or Woman Owned Company, Hub Zone Small business, veteran owned small business, or service disabled veteran owned small business is irrelevant for the purpose of this announcement; the business must be able to meet the needs specified below.

SOURCE PURPOSE: transportation of cylinders, hydrostatic testing and inspection of Carbon Dioxide cylinders. This project's objective is transportation of cylinders, hydrostatic testing and inspection of Carbon Dioxide cylinders used in the High Pressure Fire Suppression systems at the following locations:

1) Keystone Powerhouse
2) Tenkiller Powerhouse
3) Eufaula Powerhouse
4) Webbers Falls Powerhouse
5) Robert S Kerr Powerhouse
6) Broken Bow Powerhouse
7) Denison Powerhouse
8) Ft. Gibson Powerhouse

By regulation, CO2 fire suppression pressurized cylinders will not be recharged without a hydrostatic test (and remarking) if more than 5 years have elapsed from the date of the last test. The testing cycle is 12 years if not discharged since the last hydrostatic test.

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: The US Army Corps of Engineers covers several locations. Keystone Powerhouse, Eufaula Powerhouse, Webbers Falls Powerhouse, Tenkiller Powerhouse, Robert S. Kerr Powerhouse, Broken Bow Powerhouse Denison Powerhouse and Ft. Gibson Powerhouse.
WORK REQUIREMENTS: Commercially-available (i.e., off the shelf) equipment and components comprising the notification system is desired. The Contractor shall pick up the cylinders from the powerhouse and perform a hydrostatic test of those cylinders. The contractor shall then recharge the certified cylinders, and return them to the same powerhouse they were taken from. With each cylinder, the contractor shall provide documentation of the test to include the name of the person and/or agency that performed the last hydrostatic test, the test date, the signature of the person that performed the test, the serial number or other identifier of the cylinder that was tested and the test results.

FAILED CYLINDERS/COMPONENTS: If the cylinder fails the hydrostatic test or a component is determined to require rebuild/replacement, the contractor shall inform the Plant Point of Contact (POC) and COR in writing. The Contractor may provide the COR a proposal for the replacement of the failed component with new item or equivalent capacity and function for acceptance.
Replacement cylinders will include documentation of hydrostatic testing as detailed above. The contractor shall properly dispose of the failed cylinders/components in either case.

QUALIFICATIONS: Contractor shall be trained by the manufacturer to test and inspect a high pressure carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system and shall be able to produce a certificate stating such upon request. The Contractor shall confirm in writing that he stocks a full complement of spare parts and offers 24-hour emergency service for all equipment being furnished. The Contractor shall be licensed by the state of their residence and/or the State of Oklahoma to service fire suppression systems. The Contractor shall have a minimum of three years of experience in the servicing of fire protection, CO2 systems in accordance with the NFPA standards.

PICK-UP/DELIVERY: Refills and testing will be coordinated with the POC for each individual powerhouse with notification to the COR/designee. All pick-ups and delivery shall be between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m (Monday through Thursday) excluding Federal holidays, unless prior approval is obtained from the Powerhouse POC. Only one half of the cylinders shall be removed from the facility for testing at a time. This will required three (3) round trips to each facility; one to pick up half the cylinders for testing, one to return the tested/filled cylinders while picking up the second half, and one to return/install the tested/filled cylinders. The first half shall be tested and returned to service before the other half are removed from service. Time between pickup and return shall not exceed 10 working days (two weeks inclusive of weekends). This time requirement may be waived in the event of a failure during testing. All cylinders at a particular facility shall be completed prior to beginning the testing of cylinders from another facility.


1) Keystone Powerhouse: Located 15 miles west of Tulsa, OK on state highway 51 in Tulsa County on the Arkansas River.
2) Tenkiller Powerhouse: Located 11 miles northeast of Gore, OK on state highway 100 in Muskogee County on Tenkiller Lake.
3) Eufaula Powerhouse: Located 10 miles southwest of Porum, OK on state highway 71 in McIntosh County on the Canadian River.
4) Webbers Falls Powerhouse
5) Robert S. Kerr Powerhouse: Located 7 miles south of Sallisaw, OK on state highway 59 in Leflore County on the Arkansas River.
6) Broken Bow Powerhouse: Located 10 miles north of Broken Bow, OK on state highway 259 in McCurtain County on the Mountain Fork River.
7) Denison Powerhouse
8) Ft. Gibson Powerhouse

WARRANTY. All testing and products shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year (minimum). In the event a defect in the product becomes apparent within the one year period the contractor shall, at no cost to the government, repair or replace the product within 30 days.

Responses are due no later than 2:00pm (Central) Tuesday, 04 November 2019.
Email via pdf documents is the preferred method of submission. However, mailed packages will be accepted also and shall be addressed to:
Contracting Office Address:

USACE - Tulsa District
Angelia V. Guynn
Contracting Specialist
2488 E 81 St.
Tulsa, OK 74128-4609

THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR QUOTE OR PROPOSAL. This market survey is for informational and planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation for bid or proposals, and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government. The information provided herein is subject to change and in no way binds the Government to solicit for or award a competitive contract. The Government will not provide a "debrief" on the results of the survey. All information submitted will be held in a confidential manner and will only be used for the purpose intended. Points of contact listed may be contacted for purpose of verifying performance. Responses will not be used for evaluation in any resultant solicitation for this requirement. The Government shall not be held responsible for any cost incurred in response to this Sources Sought announcement. Notice Regarding Proprietary Information: All submitted materials will be designated for Government Use Only. Participation is strictly voluntary.


Section A. Contact Information

1. Business name:
2. Address:
3. Point of Contact:
4. Telephone number:
5. Business size, as established by the U.S. Small Business Administration, for NAICS code 325120:
6. Type of business: Large; Small; Small Disadvantaged; 8(a); ;Woman-Owned Small Business; HUBZone Small Business; Veteran-Owned Small Business; or Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
7. Duns number:
8. Cage Code:
9. Average number of employees of the company, and average annual receipts based on the last 3 fiscal years:

Section B. Approach
1. Provide your approach and describe ability to meet the qualifications described relative to your firm/team. (Narrative page limit 4)
2. Are you able to provide services for all locations?
3. If you are not able to provide services for all locations, please indicate the location that you will be able to provide services.
4. Are you Department of Transportation (DOT) Certified? If so, which states are you certified?
5. Please identify any information that you believe the Corps of Engineers omitted that would aid in development of your plans.
6. What changes to the requirement would make this a suitable project for you or your team?

Section C. Past performance (page limit 6)

1. List the most recent projects that were similar to this project. (Maximum of six)
2. Provide the contract number, contract type (i.e. fixed price, indefinite quantity/indefinite delivery, cost reimbursement, etc.), project value, contract value and point of contact with phone number.
3. Indicate whether the work was performed as a prime or a subcontractor, as well as what percentage of work your firm performed.


Angelia Guynn, Contract Specialist, Phone 9186694978, Email

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