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Infrastructure Support Services

Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has a requirement for Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Support Services (ISS).  This requirement will be an open market, multiple-award Basic Ordering Agreement (“BOA”). It is expected that up to three (3) BOA's will be awarded.  However, FDIC reserves the right to award a greater or lesser number of BOAs depending upon the overall quality of the proposals received.  The program will have a not-to-exceed ceiling of $487.5 million and an ordering period of 7 1/2 years.


 One vendor will be selected for the initial task: Managed Services to support the FDIC IT infrastructure environment (i.e, steady-state O&M of the FDIC’s infrastructure facilities, hardware, software, and systems, and planned technology upgrades from our roadmaps).  The initial task order will primarily be fixed unit prices with a tiered volume discount structure for the current and out-years.  The FDIC is looking for a vendor partner who will work with the FDIC and commit to guarantee the availability of technology and provide continuous improvements at reduced costs (i.e. productivity curve unit cost reductions).  The FDIC expects that unit price reduction will be accomplished by the selected vendor introducing automation and process improvements.  The estimated value of the initial task order is $250 million with a period of performance of five (5) years (including options). Performance incentives will include up to 2 ½  years of additional award terms (with EXCEPTIONAL performance only), bringing the potential total estimated value to $375 million over a 7 ½ period of performance.


Subsequent task orders for new technology implementations will be issued as stand-alone projects.  These task orders will be competed among the BOA awardees.  The estimated value of all subsequent task orders is $112.5 million over a 7 ½ year ordering period. Task orders issued under the BOA may have a period of performance of one-year beyond the BOA ordering period.


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