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Iraq BBS/F-16 CLS

Ohio, United States
Government : Military
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F-16 Program Office
Fighter/Bomber Directorate
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Ohio

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Fighter/Bomber Directorate (WW), F-16 Iraq Program Office (WWM) is researching the potential to combine services that provide base support to Balad Air Base (AB) in Iraq and F-16 Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) also performed at AB. Balad AB is an active Iraqi base with air operations, pilot training, maintenance training, and transient aircraft support. Balad AB support includes base management, mission support, air operations, medical support, base security, and hazmat management. F-16 CLS includes all aircraft maintenance, Upgrade Training (UGT) of Iraqi maintenance personnel, supply support, operation of an automated Logistics Management System (LMS). Currently ILIAS Solutions from Brussels, Belgium is being implemented as the Iraqi LMS. Additionally, Engineering Change Proposals (ECP) support may be required.

1.    Description

1.1    This market survey is being conducted to identify potential sources that may possess the expertise, capabilities, and experience to meet the requirements to perform all Balad AB support and operational functions, as well as perform all the F-16 CLS functions and UGT activities. Additionally, the contractor will be required to support weekly status briefings and periodic Program Management Reviews both CONUS and OCONUS.

1.2    The F-16 Iraq FMS Program Office, with operating location Wright-Patterson AFB transitioning to Hill AFB, is seeking a source for logistical, mission and engineering support for a sixty (60) month period (1 year Base, 4 annual yearly Options). Responders should indicate their support capabilities of an Iraqi AB with no country infrastructure. Respondents must have major CLS aircraft platform experience. The USG will provide all F-16 Block 52 data that has been made available to the country of Iraq to perform all associated CLS efforts and F-16 working groups. 

2. Background

2.1 Historically and currently, Base Operations Support (BOS), Base Life Support (BLS) and Base Security (BS) (referenced as BBS) for Balad AB and Balad F-16 CLS have been under two separate contracts; FA8615-14-C-6020 to Sallyport Global Holdings Inc. and FA8615-19-C-6051 to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company for Balad F-16 CLS respectively. The purpose of this Sources Sought is to find out if there are potential sources that can provide a combination of the two requirements. The NAICS codes for this combined effort are as follows and additional codes deemed appropriate should be identified and will be considered:

           BBS           561210
           F-16 CLS   336413

3.    Sources Sought Synopsis Only

3.1    This Sources Sought Synopsis (SSS) is issued solely for market research (information and planning purposes) and it does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP), or a promise to issue an RFP in the future. This SSS does not commit the U.S. Government to contract for any supply or service whatsoever. This is a sources sought only, which, as part of market research, is being issued in accordance with (IAW) Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) subpart 15.201(e).

3.2    The Air Force has not determined the acquisition strategy for this requirement. If it is determined that a small business set-aside is appropriate and your company anticipates submitting a response as the prime contractor for a small business set-aside, please provide specific details and rationale as to how compliance with FAR clause 52.219-14 would be achieved, including specific details regarding teaming arrangements, etc. If subcontracts are to be used, provide anticipated percentage of effort to be subcontracted and whether small or large businesses will be used. Teaming and/or subcontracting arrangements should be clearly delineated and previous experience in teaming must be provided. Not responding to this SSS does not preclude participation in any future RFP, if any is issued. If a solicitation is released, it will be synopsized on the Federal Business Opportunities website. It is the responsibility of the potential respondents to monitor these sites for additional information pertaining to this requirement.

3.3    Market research results will assist the Government in determining whether this requirement will be a full and open competition, a small business set-aside, or a sole source acquisition.

3.4    The Air Force is not, at this time, seeking proposals and will not accept unsolicited proposals. Respondents are advised that the U.S. Government will not pay for any information or administrative costs incurred in responding to this SSS. All costs associated with responding to this SSS shall be solely at the interested parties' expense. Respondents are encouraged to include a budgetary estimate for the work involved. Contractors must be either U.S.-owned or a U.S.-owned subsidiary with valid security infrastructure and Secret Clearance to accomplish this effort.


1.    Below are the Requirements Description and a Contractor Capability Survey which allows interested parties to provide company capabilities.

2.    A total of 34 F-16 aircraft will require CLS while maintaining, operating and securing an Iraqi AB. Interested parties must submit a Contractor Capability Survey, along with a Capabilities Document of no more than ten (10) pages total and a maximum of 3 MB, which should be brief and concise, yet clearly demonstrate the ability to meet the stated capabilities. Please include the following details:
(a)    Scope of similar/same experience
(b)    Teaming and/or subcontracting arrangements, which should be clearly delineated, particularly with any proposed teaming arrangements.
(c)    Delineate if work was in support of a Government or commercial contract

3.    The contractor shall explain how they will use teaming/subcontracting while maximizing opportunities for small business participation in accordance with FAR Part 19.

4.    Both small and large business should recommend small business utilization percentages as a percent of total contract value to be considered, if the acquisition is not set aside for small businesses. This recommendation should include supporting rationale for the recommended percentage.

5.    All responses should be unclassified as it's been determined that a classified response is not applicable.

6.    If, after reviewing these documents, there is a desire to participate in the market research, interested parties should provide documentation that supports the company's capability in meeting these requirements. Failure to provide documentation may result in the Government being unable to adequately assess the company's capabilities. If there is a lack of sufficient experience or capabilities in a particular area, the interested party should provide details explaining how this lack would be overcome in order to perform that portion of the requirement (i.e., teaming, subcontracting, etc.) All documentation should be provided in the form of a white paper, which is not to exceed a total of ten (10) pages in length and a maximum of 3 MB.

7.    Please submit one (1) written response by mail to the address below AND one (1) electronic copy via e-mail or DoD SAFE ( (maximum of 3 MB) no later than 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on November 25, 2019 to the Contracting Officer, Laura Rittenhouse, at

Mailing Address:
Attn: Laura Rittenhouse
2725 C Street, Building 553
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7424

Electronic Submission Instruction: Be advised that all correspondence sent via email must contain a subject line that reads “Base Support and CLS-SSS”. Note that e-mail filters at Wright-Patterson AFB are designed to filter e-mails without subject lines or with suspicious subject lines and/or certain attachments (i.e., .exe or .zip files). Therefore if this subject line is not included, the e-mail may not get through the e-mail filters. Also be advised that .zip or .exe files are not allowable attachments and may be deleted by the e-mail filters at Wright-Patterson AFB. If sending attachments with e-mail, ensure only PDF, .doc, docx, or .xlsx documents are sent. The e-mail filter may delete other forms of attachments. If you intend to send other file types, your entire package can be submitted using DoD SAFE.

Any questions relative to this sources sought synopsis / market research should be addressed to the Security Assistance Program Manager (SAPM), Christine Bahry at or the Contracting Officer, Laura Rittenhouse, at Please cc Contract Specialist, Adam Moeller, at, to all email correspondence related to this sources sought synopsis. The deadline for question submittals is 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, on 13 Nov 2019.



The Government is conducting market research in order to identify potential sources that may possess the expertise, capabilities, and experience to successfully complete the following tasks for Balad AB total support and operations and CLS for F-16 C/D Block 52 aircraft.  Balad AB support and operations include Base Operations Support (BOS), Base Life Support (BLS) and Base Security (BS) as listed (referenced as BBS):

1. Base Operations Support (BOS) includes following services:
a. Personnel Support Services - all personnel actions, while complying with Government of Iraq (GoI) Labor Laws, must be in close coordination with Electronic Security Systems (ESS)
b. Civil Engineering
c. Roads and grounds
d. Communications
e. Emergency (health, dental, fire, mortuary)
f. Custodial
g. Hazmat includes petroleum, oil, & lubricants
h. Base supply
i. Transportation
j. Airfield management includes Air Traffic Control (ATC), Meteorology, terminal/cargo distribution
k. Environmental safety and health
l. Munitions safety

2. Base Life Support (BLS) includes the following services:
a. Billeting/Housing
b. Dining & bottled water
c. Morale/Welfare/Recreation
d. Devotional Facilities
e. Fuel Supply

3. Base Security Services includes the following services:
a. Security Administration/Training
b. Tactical Intelligence
c. Base Defense Operations
d. Security Logistics - weapons, parts, ammo, dog food
e. Security Exercises and Reviews
f. K-9 Operations/Explosive Detection
g. Security Investigation

4.    F-16 CLS includes the following services:
a.    CLS at Balad AB including back shops aligned with Air Force Instruction (AFI) 21-101
b.    Maintenance UGT at Balad AB
c.    Program Planning & Support
d.    Mission Support Center (Material Storage CONUS - contractor owned or leased)

5. If there is a contract in the future for this effort, FAR 52.228-03, FAR 52.228-07, and DFARS 252.228-7003 may be applicable.



Interested parties shall provide the following business information for your company/institution as well as for any teaming or joint venture partners:
•    Company/Institute Name:
•    Address:
•    Point of Contact:
•    CAGE Code:
•    Number of Employees:
•    Phone Number:
•    E-mail Address:
•    Web Page URL:
•    Size of business pursuant to NAICS Code:

Based on the above NAICS Code and size standard above, state whether your company is:
•    Small Business    (Yes / No)
•    Woman Owned Small Business    (Yes /No)
•    Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)    (Yes /No)
•    Small Disadvantaged Business    (Yes /No)
•    Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business    (Yes / No)
•    8(a) Certified    (Yes/ No)
•    HUBZone Certified    (Yes/ No)
•    Veteran Owned Small Business    (Yes /No)
•    Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business    (Yes /No)
•    System for Award Management (SAM)    (Yes/ No)*

*NOTE: All prospective contractors must be registered in the SAM database to be awarded a DoD contract. The NAICS code for this requirement, if applicable to the company's capabilities, should be included in the company's NAICS code listing in SAM. 


1. General Capabilities:
a. Briefly describe the capabilities of the company's facility and the nature of the goods and/or services the company can provide. Include a description of the company staff composition and management structure.
b. Describe the company's past experience on previous projects similar in complexity to this requirement. Include contract numbers, a brief description of the work performed, period of performance, agency/organization supported, and individual point of contact (Contracting Officer or Program Manager).
c. Describe the company's capabilities for generating, handling, processing and storing classified material, data, and cryptology capability.
d. Identify any specific requirements in the documentation that the Government provided that would currently preclude the Respondents' company from being a viable solution to this requirement.
e. Describe the company's proposed contract type and anticipated period of performance as it relates herein.
f. Provide annual sales data and the number of employees in your company.

2. BBS Services:
a. Describe the company's capabilities organizing and managing BBS support, as listed above, at OCONUS location(s).

3. CLS Services:
a. Describe the company's capabilities and experience in performing CLS for F-16 or other US aircraft platform at OCONUS base(s), aligning with AFI 21-101. Also describe experience doing maintenance UGT and building courseware.
b. Describe the company's capabilities and experience executing Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTO) and working back shops OCONUS. 
c. Describe the company's experience with a Logistics Management System (LMS) or ILIAS (LMS).
d. Describe the company's capabilities and experience organizing and training an aircraft maintenance squadron.


1. Proprietary Informatin (PI) or Intellectual Property (IP) should be minimized and clearly marked:
a. Segregate PI and IP information to the maximum extend practical.
b. Proprietary Data Protection Agreement should be in place that would permit F-16 program office support contractors to view proprietary information. The contractor Sumaria Systems will review the responses. Provide company agreement separate from 10 page limit or include concurrence statement for support contractor review of company data.

2. The U.S. Government will secure Non-Disclosure Agreements from contractors supporting the F-16 Program Office (AFLCMC/WWM) as identified above. Interested parties, if unwilling for the U.S. Government to release their proprietary data to support contractors, shall provide a statement detailing their position.

3. In the absense of either of the foregoing, the U.S. Government will assume that the respondent does not agree to the release of its submission to U.S. Government support contractors.


THIS IS AN SSS ONLY to identify sources that can provide base support and F-16 CLS to Balad Air Base (AB). The information provided in the SSS is subject to change and is not binding on the U.S. Government. The Air Force has not made a commitment to procure any of the items discussed, and released of this SSS should not be construed as such a commitment or as authorization to incur cost for which reimbursement would be required or sought. All submissions become U.S. Government property and will not be returned.


Adam Moeller, Contract Specialist, Phone 9377136983, Email - Laura Rittenhouse, Contracting Officer, Phone 9377136984, Email

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