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Lease of Office Space within Region 5. RLP #20-REG05 - OFFICE SPACE - West Branch, MI

Illinois, United States
Government : Federal
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This FBO advertisement is hereby into the RLP ******** by way of reference as an RLP ************
U.S. seeks to lease the following office space through the ******** Acquisition Program (AAAP):

City: West Branch

State: ********

Area: City limits of West Branch, ********

Minimum ABOA Sq. Ft.: 3,727

Maximum ABOA Sq. Ft.: 3,913


Space Type: Office space

Term* 15 years/13 years firm

*However, Offerors are encouraged to submit rates for all terms available in the AAAP for consideration against future GSA requirements.

Agency Unique Requirements:

Office space must be contiguous, on one floor

Space offered above ground level require at least two (2) accessible elevators

Space cannot be within close proximity to residential areas, railroad tracks or power transmission lines

Space should not be located near establishments whose primary operation is the sale of alcoholic beverages, firearms sold/discharged, or where there are tenants related to drug treatment or detention facilities.

Regularly workday scheduled public transportation (if provided by municipality) is required within 2 city blocks or 600 feet, whichever is less

Space configuration shall be conducive to an efficient layout. The following space configurations will not be considered: Space with atriums or other areas interrupting contiguous space, extremely long or narrow runs of space (more than twice as long as wide), irregularly shaped space configurations or other unusual building features adversely affecting usage.

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