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Microwave Interferometry Scanning Tools

Michigan, United States
Government : Military
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2. SUBJECT: This is a sources sought notice to determine potential market capabilities for microwave interferometry scanning tools.

3. DESCRIPTION OF INFORMATION SOUGHT: The Government is looking for a handheld scanner to examine encased ceramic tiles. The resulting image generated by the scanner should be a detailed representative of the condition of the scanned tiles. The use of microwave interferometry is required to produce the quality of image desired. Image should be displayed on a digital tablet. Accuracy of the imaging process needs to be verifiable by comparison to known fracture patterns. The system must be MIL-STD-810 compliant to ensure its durability when used under field conditions.
Interested vendors that have experience with the microwave interferometry scanners listed above should provide all the following information:


Respondents that cannot answer all the questions in this RFI need not respond. Incomplete responses will not be reviewed.

It is a requirement of this RFI that potential responders be a United States (US) company, and possess the means to properly store and work on information and hardware classified at the SECRET/No Foreign Nationals (NOFORN) level.

Respondents must mark proprietary information in accordance with the Disclaimer (Section 6) portion of this notice.

Data submitted in response to this will not be returned. This is NOT a request to seek contractor interest in being placed on a solicitation mailing list.

Respondents shall not be notified of the results of the RFI or results of information submitted.

Telephone or email inquiries will not be honored.

Please provide a response to the following questions:
1) Describe your experience with production and/or upgrades of ground combat unarmored/armored vehicles.

2) Describe your experience with developing and manufacturing Microwave NDE scanning systems for ground combat vehicles.

3) What is the contractor's experience in handheld application of Microwave Interferometry systems from other programs and what is the risk associated with this effort?

4) Describe your facilities, tools and equipment that you use to build the system(s) referenced in question number 2 above.

5) If your existing production/upgrade lines will not be used for this effort, please specify where and in what facility (new construction, sub-contractor facility, etc.) they would be made. Include descriptions of the facilities, tools and equipment that will be used. Please include timeline and milestones.

6) Is your Organization/Facility ISO certified as it relates to quality management systems? If yes, what ISO #? If not, what quality plan do you operate under? Please explain how it is utilized in relation to the vehicles in question #1.

7) Describe your approach to in-house quality testing to include test facilities and fixtures.

8) Describe your experience working with Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). Provide program names and contract numbers relating to the experience. Include the functions DCMA participated in (contract management, quality assurance, test, etc.).

9) Describe your experience in handling/storing/accounting for encryption data devices/hardware.

10) Describe the properties of your Microwave NDE Technology systems.

11) Describe the ability of your Microwave NDE Technology system(s) to produce a digital image.

12) Company Name, mailing address, CAGE Code, website, point of contact, phone number, and email address.

13) Business size under NAICS Code 336992, Armored Military Vehicles (Except Tanks) and Parts Manufacturing (small business, large business, etc.).

14) What experience does your company have successfully manufacturing and delivering Handheld Microwave scanners, or similar commercial items for the Stryker vehicle or similar vehicles.

15) What is your company's maximum monthly production capability and the production lead time required to begin deliveries of the SCRUF.

16) Is there any other information you would like to provide regarding this market survey?

Responses are due by 21 November 2019.

Responses must be submitted electronically by email and be in one of the following three formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft PowerPoint. PDF versions of these types of documents are also acceptable. Your email response must include in its subject the phrase Stryker Microwave Interferometry scanners and your company's name. Due to email system limitations, your response must not exceed a total file size of three and one half (3.5) megabytes. If your response is larger, you may use multiple email messages. However, be sure to clearly identify the total number of messages included in your submission. Please submit electronic responses via email to Angelo D. Vivio and Eric Buchholz

Contracting Office Address:
ACC - Warren (ACC-WRN)(DTA), ATTN: AMSTA-AQ-AMB, E Eleven Mile Road, Warren, MI 48397-5000
Point of Contact(s): Angelo D. Vivio, (586) 282-0418 and Eric M. Buchholz, (586) 282-2054

This Sources Sought Notice is for informational purposes only. The information in this notice is subject to change and is not binding on the Government. This is not a request for proposal, does not constitute a solicitation, and shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government to purchase enhancements, hardware, or services for the Stryker FoV. Responses in any form are not considered offers and the Government is under no obligation to award a contract as a result of this announcement. Funds are NOT available to pay for preparation of responses to this announcement. Any information submitted by respondents to this Sources Sought Notice is strictly voluntary.
Since this is not a request for proposal, respondents WILL NOT be notified regarding information obtained related to this Sources Sought Notice. Responses will not be returned nor will detailed feedback be made available. If and when a solicitation is issued, it will be posted on It is the respondent's responsibility to monitor these sites for the releases of any additional market surveys, synopses, or solicitations.
Proprietary Information. The United States Government (USG) acknowledges its obligations under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (18 U.S.C. §1905) to protect confidential information provided to the Government. Pursuant to this statute, the USG is willing to accept any trade secrets or proprietary restrictions placed upon data presented in response to this survey and to protect such information from unauthorized disclosure, subject to the following:
• Data must be clearly marked PROPRIETARY and be accompanied by an explanatory text so that the Government is clearly notified on what data is proprietary.
• Mark only data that is truly confidential.
• Do not mark data that is already in the public domain or is already in possession of the USG or third parties on an unclassified basis. Do not submit any classified data in response to this market survey.
• Proprietary data transmitted electronically must have the PROPRIETARY legend on both the cover of the transmittal e-mail as well as at the beginning of the file. Proprietary information contained within the correspondence shall use the legends: "PROPRIETARY PORTION BEGINS" and "PROPRIETARY PORTION ENDS."
Disclaimer: The Government is not responsible for the public disclosure of unmarked data received in response to this market survey. Accordingly, the potential offeror shall ensure that technical data provided in response to this market survey shall be appropriately marked (i.e. proprietary) to ensure proper Government handling of the data. Should the Government need to reproduce the protected data for distribution purposes between Government offices, all such data shall be reproduced with restrictive legends in place. 

Angelo D. Vivio, Contract Specialst, Phone 5862823594, Email

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