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Virginia, United States
Government : Military
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A Pre-Solicitation Notice was issued under SPE60119R0329, but due to an administrative error to the Contract Writing System, this RFP is being issued under SPE60119R0340.

1. This solicitation is for the delivery of Pressurizing Agent, Helium Type 1, IAW MIL-PRF-274047D dated 1 August 2014 of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) product on an F.O.B. Origin basis, into Government-provided compressed gas tube bank trailers, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) tube module containers, and High Pressure Cylinder Assemblies (HPCAs). The government contemplates the award of multiple Fixed Price with Economic Adjustment Requirements contract(s) type. All quantities in the schedule are estimated quantities.

2. The period of performance is seventeen (17) months, which begins 1 April 2020 through 30 Sept 2021. However, should the Federal Helium Reserves close prior to the end of the performance period, the Government reserves the right IAW FAR 52.212-4(l) to Terminate for Convenience the remaining portion of the contract.

3. This requirement is for Federal Helium Suppliers that have an in-kind crude helium sales contract with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Helium purchases under product CLIN 0001 and 0002 of this solicitation are subject to the Helium Act and as such, FAR Clause 52.208-8 REQUIRED SOURCES FOR HELIUM AND HELIUM USAGE DATA applies. Only Federal Helium suppliers as designated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will be eligible for a contract award for CLINs 0001-0002. See Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 8.5. DLA MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING(MOU)# BLMMOUNM0060-2018-003 is hereby incorporated by reference and applies to all product CLINs.

4. The resultant contract(s) will contain an Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) clause. For BLM Requirements, the EPA escalator is mandated by the BLM pursuant to the helium privatization act. All BLM Gaseous Helium product CLINs (0001 through 0002) will be adjusted using the BLM "In-Kind" rate. The EPA mechanism is NOT applicable to any CLINs for services CLINs (0003 - 0006).

5. Except for the annual BLM adjustments, the awarded prices for product will remain firm for the duration of the contract. Any recovery costs associated with moving crude helium to the refining plant and moving the refined helium to the transfill locations for filling or any other production costs must be included in the unit price. All prices proposed for the BLM product CLINs (0001 through 0002) shall be based on the BLM FY 2020 (Oct 2019 - Sept 2020) crude helium price of $97.00 per mcf (in-kind). The in kind rate is considered to be the base reference prices for this procurement. When constructing the yearly pricing proposal, Offerors should begin with the base reference prices and add to it any other variable and fixed costs, including profit.

6. All offerors shall comply with the requirements listed in L.235 - PROPOSAL FORMAT AND CONTENT (AEROSPACE ENERGY) (DLA ENERGY JAN 2012) and all offerors will be evaluated in accordance with Instructions in Addendum to M.214 - EVALUATION FACTORS FOR AWARD. As a result, Multiple Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) Requirements type contract(s) are intended to be awarded for product and accompanying services.

7. System for Award Management (SAM) is required and is available at

8. Questions regarding Small Business or Small Disadvantaged Business affairs should be addressed to Mr. Greg Thevenin of the DLA Energy Small Business Office at 1-800-526-2601 or 703-767-9400.

9. The Contracting Officer may request that the DLA Energy Region Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) perform a Preaward Survey (PAS) in accordance with FAR Part 9.106-1. If requested, the offeror and its employees, including those at the fill point and/or production facility, shall be required to participate fully in the PAS process. The DLA Energy Contracting Officer will discuss any recommendation by the QAR as a result of the PAS that is other than "Full Award," with the offeror during negotiations. This will allow the offeror an opportunity to respond or otherwise provide information in its Final Proposal Revision as to how the offeror intends to correct the issue(s) and/or QAR concern(s) that led to an other than "Full Award" recommendation.

10. The clauses and provisions shown throughout this solicitation and any resultant contract(s) that have only the clause/provision number, title, and date, and as such, are not shown in full text, are hereby considered to be incorporated by reference in accordance with FAR 52.252-1 SOLICITATION PROVISIONS INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE or FAR 52.252-2 CLAUSES INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE, as applicable.

11. All potential offerors should contact the Contracting Officer for questions or to communicate concerns prior to the solicitation closing.

12. The address for overnight delivery or proposals resulting from this solicitation is as follows:
Defense Logistics Agency - Energy DLA Energy - FEM
Attn: Edward Monroe
1014 Billy Mitchell Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78226-1859

13. Delivery Order (DO) Request for Proposal (RFP): Delivery Order RFP's will be issued to solicit all requirements subsequent to contract award and meeting the minimum guarantee. A DO RFP issued under this contract shall, except in rare cases, be issued to all multiple award contract (MAC) holders. The DO RFP will be issued in the form of a letter, or similar, defining the requirement. The Contracting Officer (CO) may make only one attempt to email the DO RFP to a Contractor. No other means of notification will normally be used. The Government will not be responsible for lack of notification(s) for Contractors who fail to maintain current email addresses, or acknowledge offerings. All costs for preparation of Delivery Order proposals shall be the Contractor's responsibility.

Ordering Procedures: As the need arises for delivery under the terms of the MAC contract(s), the CO, or authorized representative, will issue a DO RFP providing the proposed requirements, and define the government evaluation method(s) to be used for subsequent award of the Delivery Order.

Delivery Order Proposals: In response to DO RFP's, Contractors shall submit a DO proposal that includes price proposals, consisting of completing the Government provided price schedule. The price schedule will state quantities and require unit prices. The contractor proposed unit prices may not exceed the awarded base contract price, but may be lower in order to remain competitive.

Normal Response Requirements: If the requirement is determined to be a normal response requirement by the CO, the Contractor shall submit a DO proposal to fulfill the requirement within a maximum of five (5) calendar days from written notification. The allowed normal response time may be changed at the discretion of the CO.

Expedited Response Requirements: If the requirement is determined to be an expedited response requirement by the CO, the Contractor shall submit a DO proposal to fulfill the requirement within a maximum of three (3) calendar days from written notification. The allowed expedited response time may be changed at the discretion of the CO.

Contract Work: Work under the MAC contract(s) will be ordered on a DD Form 1155 (Order for Supplies or Services) to the Contractor by the CO.

Delivery Orders: Orders will be firm fixed price and clearly state the requirements to be delivered/performed. Each DO is subject to the terms and conditions of the base contract. In the event of a conflict between the DO and the base contract, the contract shall take precedence.

Competition: Fair Opportunity to compete for Delivery Orders shall be provided in accordance with FAR 16.505 Ordering. DO RFPs shall be provided to all MAC holders. Any offers received shall be given fair consideration for award.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria: Proposals received in response to a DO RFP will be evaluated based on compliance with the requirements and the proposed price utilizing LPTA criteria. Any proposal which does not meet all requirements set forth in the DO RFP will be determined to be technically unacceptable. Past performance as well as performance evaluations accessible in Government performance databases may be considered. Past performance will be evaluated in terms of quality, timeliness, management or other factors the CO determines to be relevant to award on a particular DO. If required, the Government reserves the right to enter into discussions, but whenever possible, award will be made without discussions.

Delivery Order Period of Performance: Each DO will state a period of performance or delivery date. The Government reserves the right to subsequently modify the period of performance/delivery.

Edward E. Monroe, Contract Specialist, Phone 2107805064, Email - Londres Medranda, Contracting Officer, Phone 2107804915, Email

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