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Operation and Maintenance of Temporary Facilities in Beirut, Lebanon

Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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The scope of work (SOW) will consist of a broad range of operations, maintenance, repair and custodial duties for the temporary Construction Support Facility (tCSF) at an OBO construction site in Beirut. The tCSF includes non-permanent housing, office and support space for the OBO construction and security management team during construction of the Beirut New Embassy Compound (NEC). Modular housing is provided for a staff of fifty-three (53) personnel with an office for twenty-eight (28); 480SM. Support spaces include a laundry, gym, storage and a dining facility. The onsite physical plant includes generators and switchgear, potable water storage, fire suppression and fuel storage. Maintenance of the dining facility is included. Operation of the dining facility is contracted to a local vendor and is not included in the scope of this contract.

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