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Washington, United States
Government : Military
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The contractor will furnish all personnel, equipment, facilities, supplies, services, and materials, ex-cept as specified herein as government-furnished, for the preparation of the personal property (in-cluding servicing of appliances) of Department of Defense (DoD) personnel for shipment, drayage and/or storage and related services through the DPM. Work to be performed will be those services in the Schedules awarded to the contractor as outlined in individual Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) items (see Attachment G3). Table G-1, Task/Type of Move Matrix, shows which tasks nor-mally apply to each type of move. The contractor shall furnish all materials except Government-owned containers (Federal Specification PPP-B-580), all equipment, plant and labor; and perform all work in accomplishing containerization of personal property for overseas or domestic movement or storage, including stenciling, cooperage, drayage of personal property in connection with other services, decontainerization of inbound shipments of personal property; and the handling of ship-ments into and out of the Contractor's facility. Specific requirements for each task are described be-low. If specific instructions or requirements are not provided, commercial standards of services and best business practices are acceptable. Excluded from the scope of this contract is the furnishing of like services or materials which are provided incident to complete movement of personal property when purchased by the Through Government Bill of Lading or other method/mode of shipment or property to be moved under the Do-It-Yourself moving program or otherwise moved by the owner. The contractor shall perform services within the following defined areas of performance, which in-clude terminals identified in the Schedule and/or individual CLIN items. The Government will con-sider all areas of performance described in the Schedule and/or individual items as including the contractor's facility, regardless of geographical location.

Wendell G. Fulcher, Contract Specialist, Phone 2539663501, Email - Reece L. Hockstedler, Contracting Officer, Phone 253-966-3480, Email

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