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Project: 537-15-128B Replace Failed Roofs (Phases 1-10) at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center 820 S. Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60612

Wisconsin, United States
Government : Federal
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Pre-Solicitation Notice

******** Replace Failed Roofs (Phases 1-10)
Project Number: 537-15-128B
********* Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Illinois

The Jesse Brown VA Medical Center has a to replace the ******** roofing and install a new roofing system in buildings 1, 11A, 15, 21, and 30. Contractor shall provide all tools, materials, labor, equipment, supplies, and qualified field supervision in accordance with the specifications and drawings to complete Project # 537-15-128B: Replace Failed Roofs at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center located at 820 S. Damen Ave, IL 60612. This project will include d...

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