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Replicated Program Model

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United States
Download the rfp file: RFP to replicate Malaika's model.pdf.

Malaika is a grassroots nonprofit that empowers girls and their communities through education and health programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Malaika is dedicated to advancing African communities through investing in the education of girls. Our community-centered approach, which integrates the family unit, is key to our success. By empowering the community on a grassroots level to take part in their own development, we are creating a sustainable model for progress.

Malaika is seeking to codify key aspects of our approach and develop a formalized model that we can share with others so that they may also empower girls and their communities. Creating this model would not only empower even more people, but it would provide a source of income for Malaika as we sell the model and receive compensation for consulting on implementation.

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