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SSA LAN Cable and Electrical Adobe Connect Project

New York, United States
Government : Federal
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Date: November 6, 2019

 Building: Joseph P. Addabbo Federal Building

 Project Title: LAN Cables and Electrical Outlets for Adobe Connect Project

 *Walk through: NOVEMBER 12TH, 2019*

Please email: & to confirm your attendance at the walk through. 

Proposals due: 12/2/19 12PM


The purpose of this project is to install CAT 6 LAN cables and electrical outlets in the 3rd Floor Jamaica District Office IVT room and the 2nd Floor Office of Hearings Operation IVT room. Both offices are located inside of the Joseph P. Addabbo Federal Building. This work is required in preparation for the national rollout of the Adobe Connect (AC) Interactive Video Teletraining (IVT) Modernization.


A.    All workers are to submit required documentation for security clearances.
B.    All work in the Addabbo Federal Building shall be done after business hours. This being Monday through Sunday from 6:30PM to 5:30AM. If the building is not working on Saturday or Sunday, work can be performed during normal business hours on those days.
C.    All contract employees are to arrive at the building with two forms of non-expired government identification, one of which must be a photo-ID.
D.    All contract employees are to sign in and out each workday at the main security desk, and should wear the ID issued by security at all times. All contract employees shall also sign in each day with the Fire Safety Director in the Emergency Command Center (ECC). 
E.     The contractor is responsible for all final measurements; any figures in this scope are approximate.
F.     It is mandated by Executive Order 13101 (Greening the Government through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition) and Section 6002 of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) that the Federal Government use recycled-content products in the construction and/or renovation of facilities.  It is the intent of the Government to comply with the EPA requirement 100% of the time and use as many of the applicable listed recycled-content products as feasible and economically practical. 
G.    Whenever the potential for the use of a non-recycled content product exists during the construction, the Contractor shall incorporate in this project, as a substitute, recycled-content products that are listed and identified in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) for recycled-content products.  The Contractor shall use recycled-content products as required by EPA, other governmental agencies and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clauses.

H.    PRIOR TO START OF THE JOB, the contractor shall submit for approval all SDS sheets on all materials and chemicals intended for use.
I.       The contractor is responsible for the proper disposal of all debris. Any debris removed from the building must be recycled and proof must be submitted to SSA showing that the material was recycled.
J.      Contractor use of government materials and/or equipment is not permitted.
K.    Any damage done (not related to the job) to the walls, windows, floor, furniture, ceiling, etc. by the contractor is to be repaired in full at the contractors expense. The contractor is responsible for fire stopping and penetrations made through firewalls. 

L.     The contractor shall submit his/her license prior to work beginning (e.g. plumbing, electrical, general contractor, etc.)
M.   All construction and electrical work is to meet city, state and federal codes
N.    All work shall be completed by 1/31/2019




The contractor shall be responsible for providing a minimum Category 6 (as defined by the TIA/EIA 568 Standard) compliant data channel from the patch panel in the DCR (Data Communications Room).


The contractor shall punch down at the patch panel and the patch panel shall be labeled by the contractor. The cable itself shall also be labeled accordingly. Labeling for the patch panel must be machine generated, hand written labels are unacceptable.


The contractor shall leave a minimum of five feet of slack in the DCR.


The contractor is responsible for attaching all connectors to the LAN cables.


The contractor shall certify compliance by testing and the results compared to the TIA/EIA 568 standard and requirements set forth in this document for the appropriate cable type.


NONE of the cable runs shall be on the ceiling, tiles or grid. ALL cables run shall be supported using the existing cable trays or using J-hooks. The contractor shall terminate all cables appropriately terminated and subsequently tested and certified. A formal testing report shall be provided to the Social Security Administration.




2nd Floor: Run (2) LAN cables (minimum Category 6) from Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) LAN closet to the OHO IVT Room (Total length of each run is approximately 250 feet).


(2) wall plates with female connectors are to be installed. Locations along wall are to be determined. Wall plates and the patch panel shall be labeled.



3rd Floor: Run (15) LAN cables (minimum Category 6) from Jamaica District Office LAN closet to the Jamaica District Office IVT Room. (Total length of each run is approximately 150 feet).


The contractor shall purchase and install (15) new individual boxes with female connectors are to be installed. The exact box locations at the desks will be determined. Wire molding shall be installed to hide wires coming down from the ceiling along the window mullions. Floor wire covers to be provided at the floor to cover cabling running along the carpet. Wire molding color to match window frames. All boxes and the patch panel shall be labeled.


The contractor shall purchase and install (1) new 45 port patch panel








·       The contractor shall purchase and install (6) 110v circuits with the corresponding 20 amp breakers.


·       The contractor shall run metal pipe from the electrical panel to outside of the electrical closet.


·       The contractor shall terminate the pipe with the proper splice/junction box above the ceiling.


·       The contractor shall purchase and install 3 or 4 wire #12 gauge MC cable that shall be run from the electrical closet through the pipe and splice/junction box to the corresponding workstation power polls or outlet box.


·       The contractor shall purchase and install the proper orange outlets matching the building standard.


·       The MC cable shall be adequate to power 15 workstations (laptops) with one circuit per 4 workstations. 


·       We estimate that each run will require approximately 250 feet of MC cable.


·       The contractor shall follow all local NYC and federal electrical codes.







DCR – Data Communications Room

EIA – Electronics Industry Association

FIPS PUB 94 - Federal Information Processing Standard, Publication 94

IG – Isolated Ground

NFPA – National Fire Protection Association

NEC – National Electric Code

STP-- Shielded, twisted pair cable generally meaning IBM Type 1 or Type 1A

TIA -- Telecommunications Industry Association

UTP -- Unshielded twisted pair cable





Conformance to the latest revision of the following is required under this specification.

A.    FCC Regulations:

1.   Part 15- Radio Frequency Devices& Radiation Limits

2.   Part 68- Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network

B.    FIPS PUB 94 - Federal Information Processing Standard 94, See FTR

C.    FTR 1090-1997 - The National Communication System is now responsible for issuing and maintaining information relating to the Federal Government’s communications standards.  FIPS PUBs have been superseded by a system of Federal Telecommunications Recommendations.  Specifically, FTR 1090-1997, Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard, outlines requirements for the installation of structured cabling systems in Federal buildings.

D.    NEC - The National Electric Code (NEC) is published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and is part of most building codes.  Compliance with the latest edition of this code is mandatory for electrical installation to safeguard persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity.  Some local building codes may also have additional requirements.

E.     National, State, Local and any other binding building and fire codes.

F.     TIA/EIA 568 – Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard

G.    TIA/EIA 569 - Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces.

H.    TIA/EIA 606 - Administration Standard for the Telecommunications Infrastructure of Commercial Buildings.

I.       Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL): Applicable listing and ratings        




1.   Provide a continuous single cable, homogeneous in nature for every cable run. Splices are not permitted.



Manufacturers are shown below as an indication of acceptable product quality.  “Or equal” substitutes will be considered upon submission.

1.    AMP, Belden, Berk-Tek, Chatsworth, Fibertron, JDI, Leveton, Lucent Technology, Mohawk, Nordx/CDT, Ortronics, Panduit, Suttle, The Siemon Company.




Provide horizontal minimum Category 6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable or higher meeting the following requirements:

a.  Provide cable suitable for indoor installation.

b.  Provide cable with 4 twisted pairs of insulated copper conductors per cable, 24 AWG solid copper, fully insulated with retardant low-smoke thermoplastic material, plenum NEC CMP rated, and UL listed as such.

c.  Color code twisted pairs individually, within color coded bundles, to industry standards (ANSI/ICEA Publication S-80-576, and EIA-230).

d.  Comply with appropriate TIA/EIA-568 performance requirements.

e. Provide copper UTP cable.




1.  Fiber- Backbone cabling multimode fiber optic connectors shall be type LC or as determined by SSA.

2.   Copper- Category 6, 8-pin modular connectors, T568-A wired.



Daisy Tamberino, Acquisition Manager, Email

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