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Sources Sought Notice, Title Services

Nebraska, United States
Government : Federal
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Title Services for Nicodemus National Historic Site, Nicodemus, Kansas
Sources Sought:
The National Park Service is seeking Small Business sources that can provide Title Services for Nicodemus National Historic Site, Nicodemus, Kansas.
Sources are sought to perform services in accordance with the Statement of Work (SOW) below. All feedback and information received may be used to determine the appropriate acquisition strategy.
This notice is only a sources sought notice. Please do not submit quotations. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this sources sought notice. If the Government decides to pursue a solicitation, portions of your responses to this sources sought notice may be incorporated into the final solicitation.
Respondents are discouraged from submitting any information deemed competition-sensitive or proprietary. Respondents will not be reimbursed for any costs incurred in responding to this sources sought notice.
To assist the Government in developing a potential acquisition strategy, please provide the following information:
-    Company name, address, point of contact, voice and fax telephone numbers and e-mail address.
-    Type of business, (i.e., small, small disadvantaged, woman-owned, Hub Zone, serviced-disabled
veteran-owned small business, large business, etc.), under North American Industry Classification
System (NAICS) 541191.
-    Under which NAICS code does your company usually provide the requirements described in the below listed Statement of Work SOW? Please provide rationale for your answer if different from NAICS Code 541191.
-    Provide your companybs DUNS number.
The Government is seeking qualified, experienced Small Business sources interested in providing title services as identified in the statement of Work (SOW) below. Please address the following regarding your capabilities in meeting the requirements:
Is your company a Small Business manufacturer capable of meeting this requirement in accordance with the SOW? Please respond "Yes or No."
The due date and time for responses to this sources sought is at 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time on September 3, 2019. E-mail responses to this sources sought to the point of contact identified below. Oral submissions of information will not be considered in response to this notice.
Dorothy Qualley, Purchasing Agent
National Park Service, Midwest Regional Office
Scope of Work
To provide title commitments, title insurance policy, title examinations, closing, escrow, preparation of documents, filing of documents in the appropriate county records, recording, and related services for tracts to be acquired by the United States of America (USA) by the National Park Service (NPS).
Active status appearing in a System for Award Management ( account set up by company required, before contract award by the government. account must be updated annually to maintain active status during contract period of performance.
Invoice Processing Platform ( account must be set up by company for submission of invoices paid to companybs bank account in
Submittal Schedule: The title company will ensure the execution of work in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein and the following submittal schedule:
-    Preliminary Title Commitment Title Company Invoice as soon as possible after the award package
-    Closing/Final Title Policy Title Company Invoice within 60 days of closing letter from NPS
-    If corrections are needed submit a new invoice within 45 days of correction letter from NPS
Title Commitments:
If commitment contains an expiration date, it should be deleted or changed to a period of no less than 2 years to match the acquisition period typically required by the federal government. All commitments should name the United States of America as the proposed insured. PDF of title commitment and legible documents cited in Schedule bBb to be e-mailed for review and approval by Contracting Officerbs Representative (COR), before invoicing.
Tax Exception(s):
The tax exception(s) in commitments should identify all taxing districts in which the land is situated and all other taxing authorities that have jurisdiction over the land for the levy of taxes; showing lien dates for each, and amounts for all assessments that have not been paid on the date of the commitment. Federal regulations require, at least in fee simple acquisitions, all taxes be paid or otherwise provided for by setting up an escrow through the date of closing. Lands of the United States are not subject to local taxes, therefore the title company should confirm that all taxes have been paid through closing. In the final title policy, the tax exception must be deleted or it must be stated that all taxes which might result in a lien against the subject land through the date of closing have been paid or sufficient funds have been escrowed for their payment.
The NPS will submit a letter authorizing the closing and providing specific instructions. A title commitment update must be completed immediately prior to closing. An escrow fund must be established for unpaid taxes. The closing agent must fill out the payment and closing sheet to include the agentbs and grantorbs signatures and signature dates. The sheet must indicate the amount of all real estate taxes for the year prior to closing, (if any) and whether or not the property was taxed for the 5 years immediately preceding the closing. The closing agent will fill out and file forms required by state and county laws or procedures, pay off any liens on the properties, review USA provided deeds necessary for transfer of property to USA and have documents properly executed and recorded in the county records. (Specific instructions appear in the last section of this Statement of Work)
Title Insurance:
Title insurance requirements include research of public records, issuance of commitments, interim updates, and final policies, all in conformance with American Land Title Association (ALTA) U.S. Policy 09-28-91, Revised 12-03-12. Title insurance policies not appearing on the specified ALTA form will be rejected. The final title policy must list the United States of America as the insured party.
Mailing Title Packages:
Send requested documents via U.S. mail or Federal Express to the following address: National Park Service, Midwest Regional Office, 601 Riverfront Drive, Omaha NE 68102.
Filing and Express Mail Fees:
The title company will be required to advance funds to file documents and provide express mail services and will be reimbursed for this cost by including these charges in their final invoice.
Additional, Specific Instructions:
NICO Tract 101-03: Recording of an affidavit will be required
Tracts 101-09 & 101-10: Title search and commitment must determine ownership of streets, for the United States of America to obtain insurable interest.
All Tracts (from above): Schedule A of the commitments, under Policy to be issues, needs to state specifically: (ALTA) U.S. Policy 09-28-91, Revised 12-13-12.
Insured Party must state: The United States of America

Qualley, Dorothy

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