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Sources Sought for Gas Flow Proportional Counter

Illinois, United States
Government : Military
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The Army Contracting Command Rock Island (ACC-RI) is seeking sources that can provide the following item:

1) Instrument capable of detecting and measuring low energy alpha/beta radiation on samples for compliance with regulatory contamination detection requirements.

a) Shall count with ultra-low background.

b) Shall count with adjustable time between 0.2 and 9999 minutes.

c) Shall have gamma option.

d) Shall automatically count and store data reports for at least up to 100 samples.

e) Shall have basic software with capability to export, develop, and print results and reports that contains Alpha and Beta Efficiencies, Minimal Detectable Activities and sample results in cpm (counts per minute) and dpm (disintegrations per minute).

f) Fixed, bench-top type system for radiological laboratory setting to include Windows operating system, LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and laser printer. Should also include a 100-sample tower with coded carrier plates, inserts, and planchets.

g) Shall provide services for the unit installation, initial training, online user training, support via toll free number, and required on-site, preventative maintenance and repairs.

The NAICS code for this requirement is 334516. The applicable small business size standard is 1000 employees.

Delivery of this item will be to Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island Illinois.

Respondents to this Sources Sought announcement should provide the following information:

1. Company name, CAGE Code, Point of Contact, Phone Number, Email Address, business size status relative to NAICS 334516

2. Company literature (brochure, website, etc.) that describes the instrument and its specifications/capabilities, dimensions/weight, options, service agreements, warranties, online support, rough order magnitude cost estimate, qualified service personnel requirements, etc.

3. Are you a manufacturer of this product? If not, country of manufacture.

This notice is for planning purposes only and does not constitute an Invitation for Bids, Request for Proposals, a Solicitation, a Request for Quotes, or an indication the Government will contract for the items contained in this announcement. This request is not to be construed as a commitment on the part of the Government to award a contract, nor does the Government intend to pay for any information submitted as a result of this request. The Government will not reimburse respondents for any cost associated with submission of the information being requested or reimburse expenses incurred to interested parties for responses to this announcement. However, information obtained as a result of this announcement may be reflected in the subsequent solicitation, this announcement is Government market research, and may result in revisions to both its requirements and its acquisition strategy based on industry responses.

Phillip J. Kantor, Contract Specialist, Phone 3097821035, Email - Cindy K. Wagoner, Contracting Officer, Phone 3097820182, Email

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