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Suicide Prevention Cable Locks

Texas, United States
Government : Federal
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These specifications cover the production of Suicide Prevention Cable Locks to include imprinting the lock, printing and applying a label to the cable, and printing a wallet card, requiring such operations as pre-press, production, printing, packing and distribution.

This solicitation seeks to procure a maximum quantity for a fixed price. The GPO will award this order to the responsible bid providing complete production and delivery of the greatest number of suicide prevention cable locks for $724,950.00 (exclusive of any payment discounts). In the envent of a tie quantity, award will be determined by the lower discounted cost.

In addtion to bidding a quantity for the price called for in these specifications, a bid must also be submitted for each additional 1,000 cable lock kits produced at the same time as the initial order. The bid price for addtional quantities must be exclusive of all basic or preliminary costs. If author's alterations are made during the proofing process, the total quantity offered may be reduced in accordance with the contractor's provided addtional rate to offset the cost of the author's alterations.

NOTE: NO ADDITIONAL FUNDS EXIST FOR THIS PROCUREMENT. If any additional costs are incurred during the production of this job, the overall quantity will be decreased in lieu of an increase in money.

Complete specifications are available on line via:

James Hunt, Publishing Specialist, Phone 2147670451 x5, Fax 2147670546, Email - Jermaine Berryman, Publishing Specialist, Phone 2147670451 x2, Fax 2147674101, Email

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