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Transportation Services

Georgia, United States
Government : Federal
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Statement of Work (SOW)/Specifications Template/Guide


Voluntary Service, a section of Community Engagement & Veteran Experience (CEVE), is authorized to use donated funds to provide transportation to Veterans, even those not eligible for beneficiary travel. To facilitate patient flow, utilization/bed management, patient safety, access to care, and patient experience, we require a process where specific VA staff can order transportation as needed for the above purposes. A ride-share service provides this solution and can be paid from General Post Funds controlled by Voluntary Service.


The objective is to remove transportation barriers. Our Beneficiary Travel office piloted use of this service two years ago, and has currently implemented it, seeing improvements in patient flow, utilization/bed management, patient safety, access to care, and patient experience. Lack of transportation is a barrier to access, care (especially ambulatory surgery) and discharge, and is a source of patient anxiety and thus patient experience.


This Statement of Work (SOW) defines the effort required for VA staff to procure transportation services that will improve patient flow, utilization/bed management, patient safety, access to care, and patient experience. The SOW includes the associated requirements for the scope of work to be performed, place of performance, period of performance, schedule of deliveries, and acceptance procedures.

Statement of Required Goods/Deliverables (As applicable)

Item Description
Patient access to local transportation on demand 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, for patients who are not eligible for Beneficiary Travel, but require assistance as determined by VA staff
10/month estimate
Ability for up to 20 VA staff users to order rides with access to a web-based browser ordering portal, with access to VA staff to be granted or disabled by VA administrators assigned by CEVE Service.

Transportation will arrive at origin within reasonable period of time, which may vary due to time of day and traffic conditions, but should never exceed one hour

Confirmation that patients will not receive a bill for the ride

Ability for ride destination to be determined by VA user to include patient homes and the Ralph H. Johnson VAMC facilities

Inability for patients to be able to change the destination of the ride

Ability for cost of the ride to be calculated in a running balance so that as funding limits approach, the administrator can disable user access to order further rides

Cost of the ride is within market expectations for distance and time of day

Vehicles used for transportation shall seat at least 4 passengers, meet safety and commercial insurance requirements for the state of South Carolina or Georgia (per origin of ride) supplied or verified by vendor; vendor will verify that operators have good driving records; and vendor will verify that vehicle registration is current.

Vendor will invoice monthly using IPPS payment

Tasks (As applicable)

The contractor shall deliver transportation within the specifications in the prior section. Vendor will select the vehicle and driver. The vendor will select the platform used to order transportation within the parameters above.

Training (As applicable)

Vendor will assist VA users on how to utilize the portal as needed. Such requests will be addressed within two business days.

Government-Furnished Property (As applicable)


Security Requirements (As applicable)


Point of Contact

Edmund A. Lesinski, Chief, Community Engagement & Veteran Experience; 843-789-7488, 315-246-0612

Place of Performance or Delivery Address

109 Bee St., Charleston SC 29401, or address provided by VA staff in the vendor s portal.

Period of Performance or Required Delivery Date

Performance shall begin with 30 days of contract award for a period of one year, with options to extend for four more years in one-year increments.

Inspection and Acceptance

The COR for this contract is a government official who has been delegated specific technical, functional and oversight responsibilities. Inspection of the service will be conducted by the CO designated COR upon delivery of service. Acceptance of the service will be satisfied by vendor provided evidence of completed transportation.


Invoice must be submitted in full, in arrears, to VA FSC, P. O. BOX 149971, AUSTIN, TX 78714. Payment will be made upon receipt of a properly prepared detailed invoice, prepared by the Contractor, validated by the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR). The contract will not authorize partial payments; the invoice must be all-inclusive of all Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs)

A properly prepared invoice will contain:
o Invoice Number and Date
o Contractor s Name and Address
o Accurate Purchase Order Number
o Supply or Service provided
o Invoice must show service provided and amount due, by CLIN
o Total amount due

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