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Waste to Energy (WTE) System

Illinois, United States
Government : Military
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Waste to Energy (WTE) System

The US Army Engineering and *********** Center (ERDC) is conducting a market survey of ********* of for Waste to Energy (WTE) capabilities and for ******** sites.

This is a Sources Sought Notice (SSN). This SSN is being issued for market purposes ONLY to identify potential sources, and is not a request for competitive proposals or quotes. Therefore, responses to this notice are not considered offers or quotes and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Companies that respond will not be paid for the information submitted. No telephone calls requesting a bid package or solicitation will be accepted. There is no bid package or solicitation. Please do not submit any classified information.

ERDC laboratories are exploring , tools and processes for more standardized, efficient and economical disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) on Naval installations. This SSN intends to capture, via a market survey approach, industry's current capabilities and constraints to small/medium scale mobile WTE conversion systems.

The purpose of this SSN is to identify existing and operational WTE conversion systems that are capable of:

1. Waste Processing

• Small for close to 1 ton per day processing; And medium for close to 10 tons per day processing
• Processing of multiple types of MSW generated from Naval installations (including plastics #1-7, metals and organics)
• Processing of shipboard waste generated from plastic waste processor disks (PWP) which are 20-inch diameter disks that weigh between 10 lb. - 30 lb. (50% plastic, 28% paper, 4% aluminum, 5% cloths, 5% food, 3% steel, 5% other, and contain a mixture of PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP and PS types of plastics)
• Processing of wet waste (food, soiled paper) in combination with dry waste as stated above
• Demonstrated experience segregating/removing waste materials to achieve required waste stream characteristics (waste recipes will be provided)

2. Personnel

• Operable by personnel having a maximum of eight (8) hours training

3. Equipment

• Test/monitor equipment and controls to characterize and quantify emissions, and ash/residue for proper disposal
• Measuring and quantifying standard operational parameters to demonstrate successful and repeatable performance of the system and its critical subsystems
• Technology/system with commercial status (demonstrated maturity)
• Capable of continuous and batch operation
• Efficient warm-up and cool-down times for optimum operations...

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