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Zambia - RFQ for Procurement of Technology Kits for Reading

  1. This RFQ had a pre-bid event.

Massachusetts, United States

Zambia: The purpose of the RFQ is to invite prospective Offerors to submit quotations for supplying reading kit materials and equipment (collectively the "Technology Kits for Reading"): Technology Kits for Reading will accompany the core package of pedagogical reading materials that the USAID Let's Read project will use to improve the teaching-learning of reading in grade 2. Technology kits will be put to use daily in community and public classrooms in Zambia. All materials for the Technology Kits for Reading must be delivered by the Selected Offeror(s) to:

Education Development Center, Inc.
Attention:Zambia Procurement Manager
Address:Plot 4658/A, Chikwa Road,
Opposite Old Magistrates Court, Longacres
Lusaka, Zambia

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