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    1. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION.  The Naval Air Warfare Center ******** is seeking ** sources for this high load grease in ********** with - Grease, , High Load , Wide *** Range for listing on Products List (QP... New Jersey, United States
    2. THIS PROJECT IS NOW BEING SOLICITED. PLEASE SEE The U.S. Army Corps of (USACE) issuing Request for ******** (RFP) to a 300 member Army Reserve Center (ARC) on the existing Newark, DE Armed Forces R... Kentucky, United States
      • Construction
      • Building
      • Maintenance
    3. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR QUOTE/PROPOSAL - to FAR ** *** *** on behalf of the Department of Defense 4th Estate intends to award a Hybrid on a sole source basis to Inc, 10231 ******** Str... Virginia, United States
    4. This Sources Sought is being cancelled.  are no longer being Rose ******** QPL Team Lead, Phone----, Email ---- New Jersey, United States
    5. Chanda D. Strenth, ********** Email ---- - Sara G. ********** Email ---- Alabama, United States
    6.   is for the ** of **********s for ships' bunkers at various ports  Fuel will be on a *********** basis through the SEA Online ********** is Marine Gas Oil (MGO); ****... Virginia, United States
      • Business Services
      • Procurement
    7. THIS SYNOPSIS IS NOT A SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE; DO NOT CONTACT THE OFFICE TO PROVIDE * OR NOTICE OF * of the Air Force, Air Combat ******** 355th will solicit for a Firm Fixed Price contract at Arizona, United States
    8. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION.  The Naval Air Warfare Center ******** is seeking ** sources for this film form in with SAE *** - , Film Form, Metallic ** ************ for listing on List... New Jersey, United States
      • Construction
    9. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION.  The Naval Air Warfare Center ******** is seeking ** sources for this grease in with ************* Grease, Ball and Roller for listing on Qualified List (QPL) is ********** New Jersey, United States
    10. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Office ******** a for the Corpus Christi Ship ******** Texas, Lower Bay Reach in Nueces County, Texas, Channel Project Information: Type of Dredge: Deep Draft * The work ... Texas, United States
    11. This is to post questions and answers and OSD from Day. Dawn ********* *** ********** Email ---- - Skalski, ********** Email ---- Ohio, United States
    12. Bridge Gyro Compass Dwayne Eddie Tillery, ********** Email ---- Virginia, United States
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