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    1. The purpose of this announcement is to provide members of the IWRP and in ******** of * intent. This is not a Request for * Projects, but *** for ******** only. A project will not be awarded fr... South Carolina, United States
    2. The software for the CGW are loaded on ************* 800 OPTIA **** The OPTIA CGWs are for Secret ******** Router Network or Local Area Network (LAN) use only. The CGWs are distributed across the globe with assets f... South Carolina, United States
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    3. FA480319BA003_ 04_SF30 This is the FOURTH to the 1442 which was issued 4 October The *********** ********** with this upload to FBO are as SF30 Attchmt 13-0 TO IFB B216_ ************* Please note is aware that this Attchmt is 03... South Carolina, United States
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    4. FedBizOpps will be retired and shut down to new posted or edits on 7, 2019. The new domain in the is * to be on 12 Nov 2019. The *** is projected to be posted the week of 12 Nov 2019. ********* South Carolina, United States
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