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    1. THIS IS A COMBINED FOR ITEMS IN WITH THE FORMAT IN FAR SUBPART ** FOR AND ** FOR WITH ********** IN THIS ***************** THIS ** THE ONLY **; ... Maryland, United States
    2. THIS IS A COMBINED FOR ITEMS IN ********** WITH THE FORMAT IN FEDERAL REGULATION (FAR) SUBPART ********** FOR AND ************ FOR WITH ********** INFORMATION ******** IN THIS NOTICE. THIS THE O... Maryland, United States
    3.   NOTICE OF INTENT TO SOLE SOURCE: Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head ******** Technology ******** (NSWC intends to award a firm price sole source with Aerva Inc. 1 Alewife Center Ste. 120, ********** MA 02... Maryland, United States
    4. The Army Contracting Command - Proving Ground has a for US Army ** - Command ********** * This proposed is 100% small set aside. The ********** intends to procure as a Item using th... Maryland, United States
    5. This requirement is for support for the Spinner Hanger (Bar code # J4744 and Serial # 1519) located at Army Depot (ANAD), , ******** The shall extend from the award of this contract until ** of rep... Maryland, United States
    6. Regional Health Office- Gordon Health Cell intends to **** award a non-personal ******** for Tissue ******** Modules in support of Army Medical Center, Fort ****** The solicitation is ********* Maryland, United States
    7. 1.0 DESCRIPTION The Naval Air Systems Command in support of the H-1 Program Office ********* intends to issue a for the effort ******** to modify, analyze and test the H-1 Inert Gas System ****... Maryland, United States
    8. COMBO SYNOPSIS FOR ITEMS 1. Class Code: 66 2. NAICS Code: 334513 3. Data * System (DAS) 4. Number: 5. Code: See Notice Below. 6. Date: Fi... Maryland, United States
    9. See Attached Robert *********** Phone----, Email ---- Maryland, United States
    10. Market Survey for Control Unit (ECU) Defense Agency intends to obtain Control Units (ECU) used in the ************ ********** Command Post System. The *********** effort will be for a single For past Maryland, United States
    11. This is a Small Sources Sought notice. This is NOT a for ********** ********** or The purpose of this notice is to obtain information (1) the ************ and of ********* small (2) whether they are small es; H... Maryland, United States
    12.   is for items ******** in with the in FAR Subpart 12.6, using Procedures under the test program for items found at FAR 13.5, as with the ********** ******** in... Maryland, United States
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