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    1. Disclaimer: This is not a This is not a request for quote (RFQ), for bid (IFB), request for (RFP), request for * (RFA) or an of a ***** and does not assume the will award a or proceed with any of t... Maryland, United States
    2. ******** / Title: Brand Name or Equal Rapid MR ******************** ******** head coil for Philips 3T MRI scanner is a ******** for ********** items in ********** with the format in Subpart 12.6... Maryland, United States
    3. The ******** of Health (NIH), Eunice Kennedy Shriver ******** ********* of Child Health and Human *********** (NICHD) intends to award a order to Inc. of ******** for testing ********** is the only source for the desired ... Maryland, United States
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    4. INTRODUCTION THIS IS A (NOTICE OF INTENT) TO AWARD A OR ORDER WITHOUT * FOR FULL OR OPEN BRAND-NAME). The of Health (NIH), ******** Center (CC), Office of and s ... Maryland, United States
    5. This is a combined The United States of (DOC), Oceanic ****** (NOAA) intends to solicit and award a Funds (NAF) for management and * of the at the Daniel K. Inouye ******** Center. Ford Is... Maryland, United States
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    6.  One (1) each Gleeble Process William Nuamah, ******** ** ********** Email ---- Maryland, United States
    7. The United States Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center has a and ********** for the ********* part: THIS IS AN ********* Item: 1 NSN: 2940 ******** INTAKE ... Maryland, United States
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    8. Description: This is a Small Sources Sought notice. This is NOT a for ******** or * The purpose of this notice is to obtain (1) the availability and of small (2) whether they are sma... Maryland, United States
    9. visual information support John L. *********** Phone----, Email ---- Maryland, United States
    10. The USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center (IBCT) Product Line has a to Open, Report, and Repair the IAW the Scope of Work: (1) NSN: PUMP, ** P/N: * 3 UNIT OF ISSUE: EA MFG: GRUNDFOS... Maryland, United States
    11.   This is a ********************* for commercial items ******** in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as with *********** in this ************* This constitutes the only ********* are being Maryland, United States
    12. This is a Sources Sought Notification for a Live Cell System Yolanda T. Rankin, *********** Phone----, Email ---- Maryland, United States
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