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Organizational Data Skills Assessment

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Download the rfp file: RFP - Data Skills Assessment 02.17.docx.

World Resources Institute is requesting competitive proposals from parties to support its aim of developing and growing a pipeline of data scientists and analysts that can support the organizational goal of building our data science and AI capacity. We want to grow talent by developing and growing the skillsets of employees within WRI so they can contribute to this goal. To develop this "Data Science Talent Pipeline" we need to first assess the current baseline skillset of staff at WRI, to eventually develop a training program to grow their skillsets based on program and international office needs.

WRI intends to award one Fixed Price contract to complete the following:

1)The development of a near-exhaustive list of Data/Data Science/AI/GIS skills that will be assessed in the final assessment. As a starting point, WRI's HR and Data Lab will provide a list of skill areas under our "Tech Job Family". The qualifying firm will refine and build on this list of skills by identifying skills that have not been captured in this initial list.
2)The development and deployment of a comprehensive data skills assessment survey of selected employees in order to identify:
a.Their current level in specific data skills
b.The data skills that they want to grow.
3)In an effort make the Data Skills Assessment a sustained effort at WRI, the development of a system that captures the pool of data skills as they exist at WRI at a given point. Given that this pool of skills is constantly changing through trainings and new hires, this system should involve inputs from programs and IOs and be able to capture periodic "snapshots" of the data skills of WRI employees, which would inform periodic training design.

A qualified firm should be able to complete the first two components of the contract. Preference will be given to firms that can complete all three and provide a sustainability plan for the Data Skills Assessment.

Proposals are due by March 10, 2021. The project is expected to begin on April 5, 2021 and the project should be completed, along with all deliverables, by August 30, 2021.


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