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Request for Proposal for Maintenance, Support, and Hosting of the Electronic Cal OES 2-923 Forensic Medical Report Adult/ Adolescent Sexual Assault Examination ( e923)

United States
Download the rfp file: 923 RFP2021 Site.pdf.

The California District Attorneys Association (CDAA) is looking to employ the services of a Forensic Medical Record Website and Hosting company to provide maintenance, support, and hosting services for the e923 starting May 1, 2021 and ending September 30, 2021. The contract with CDAA will be renewable on a federal grant year fiscal basis as long as contract terms are met and CDAA is awarded the EM grant described below. We invite your firm (Proposer) to submit a proposal (RFP) by March 15, 2021 for consideration. Please copy, paste and go to link below for a description of our organization, required services, and other pertinent information:

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